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TAFE providing cutting edge training of the future

TAFE Queensland graduates will continue to lead the way in workforce participation according to an exclusive new report by the CSIRO, the first of its type by Australia's most respected research body.

The independent study into the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector showed the output of VET graduates directly relates with job vacancies, indicating the sector is addressing current skills shortages.

TAFE Queensland CEO Jodi Schmidt said the research showed that TAFE Queensland would continue to play a critical role in building Australia's workforce in the face of digital disruption.

"The VET sector and TAFE Queensland is a key enabler of emerging industries, new technologies and new ways of working, in addition to retraining and upskilling our workforce," Ms Schmidt said.

"The CSIRO report recognised VET providers, particularly TAFE Queensland who has an outstanding reputation for delivering workforce ready graduates.

"The research showed there is an increasing number of higher degree students turning to the VET sector, particularly TAFE Queensland, to acquire the hands-on, practical experience they didn't receive at university."

The report recognised the growing importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and digital literacy in the new economy, but stressed the need for strong communication skills and the ability to interact and apply social skills.

The CSIRO research highlighted the agility and adaptability of the VET sector would be increasingly important as technology in the workplace evolves.

"We know the world is changing forever. We're making sure students have the ability to adapt," Ms Schmidt said.

"Research from the Foundation for Young Australians indicated that 70 per cent of young people currently enter the workforce in jobs that will be radically affected by automation.

"The rapid advancement in technology means today's learners will need to continually update and improve their skill sets and TAFE Queensland is perfectly placed to provide tomorrow's workforce with this agility through lifelong learning and retraining."

The research also found digital technology has significantly changed the way many courses are delivered.

"When used well, digital technology can provide a richer learning environment for students," Ms Schmidt said.

"The report also showed face-to-face teaching will remain very important in the VET sector to ensure the focus remains on the practical skills employers want."

Ms Schmidt said face-to-face and peer supported learning was vital in building the interpersonal skills that are highly valued by employers.

"You can't get this from online learning, no matter how good the technology," Ms Schmidt said.

"At TAFE Queensland our teachers are industry experts who pride themselves on their links to industry partners and their ability to give students the type of hands-on education they need to make them job ready.

"The report by the CSIRO not only identified our success in this area but also gave us a great roadmap to plot our way forward as technology plays an ever increasing role in the way we train our workforce."

A full copy of the report is available from the Research Papers section of