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TAFE Queensland RedSpace: Centre for Applied Research and Innovation integrates the applied knowledge, skills and expertise of TAFE Queensland as the largest and most experienced provider of vocational education and training in Queensland to ignite a service line offering to business, industry and communities, through ARIES –Applied Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Services.

In alignment with the National Innovation and Science Agenda and Advance Queensland strategies, RedSpace: and ARIES will enable benefits that:

  • Support business innovation and workforce capability building;
  • Support innovation in educational delivery;
  • Enhance student learning outcomes through the cultivation of entrepreneurial and innovation capabilities as they engage in projects with industry and enterprises;
  • Drive applied research and expertise in specific areas of research specialisation.

TAFE Queensland has a vital role to play in our national and state innovation agendas. We have the proven capability and capacity to facilitate product, process, service and systems innovation, knowledge transfer and the development of innovation capability, particularly with SMEs and start-ups. Through our industry aligned programs which range from certificate through to our applied higher education product offerings and productive reach into key industry sectors and geographies we develop the skillsets and entrepreneurial mindsets of our students as future employees and potential employers.

We look forward to working with our staff and students and our existing and new partners both within Australia and globally to innovate through applied research initiatives - innovation that will bring advantage to our industries, communities, businesses and the economy. We invite you to contribute to the RedSpace: and ARIES agenda, and to watch this site as it unfolds to reflect the portfolio of TAFE Queensland Applied Research projects, events and outputs. Together let’s ignite and power up for innovation and Make Great Happen.

ARIES Case Studies 2016

TAFE Queensland RedSpace: has published ARIES Case Studies 2016, featuring twenty examples of our educators working with employers and within communities. These case studies demonstrate collaborations between our educators, learners and employers within local communities across Queensland. It marks a starting point in naming our applied research efforts and promoting our strong partnerships with employers small and large.  Read ARIES Case Studies 2016 (PDF, 4.03MB).

Praxis 2016

TAFE Queensland RedSpace: has published Praxis 2016: Improving Education Practice Through Action Research, featuring nine case studies from the 2015 Critical Participatory Action Research (CPAR) program. These case studies demonstrate scholarly reflective practice across a variety of themes, including blended learning, technology utilisation, workplace learning and sustainability. Read Praxis 2016 (PDF, 1.82MB).

Integrating for innovation

TAFE Queensland ARIES (Applied Research Innovation & Entrepreneurship Services): working with business, industry and communities to solve problems and improve productivity. Read the TAFE Queensland and industry: integrating for innovation overview (PDF, 106KB).

Applied research mitigates risk

HDPE (high-density polyethylene) pipelines are critical infrastructure in the coal seam gas industry. During a testing phase, a leak in a HDPE pipe was identified. A leak in a HDPE pipe could result in significant financial loss.  Read the Applied research mitigates risk of coal seam gas pipe failure case study (PDF, 101KB).

Transforming nursing practice

In 2010 the nursing sector was challenged by major regulatory reform relating to scope of practice and high numbers of nurse requirements. Read the Industry and VET integration transforms nursing practice case study (PDF, 106KB).


Creating careers for the future

Santos GLNG diversified into Coal Seam Gas (CSG) and the Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) sector. It urgently needed a workforce with new skills.  Read the Innovative training approach creates careers of the future case study (PDF, 101KB).


Nurturing SMEs and start ups

TAFE Queensland students work with startups to help owners on the journey from idea to business. Read how TAFE Queensland nurtures SMEs and startups (PDF, 112KB).