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greatness starts with you tafe queensland is the presenting partner of the gold coast 2018 commonwealth games basketball

Those basketball greats you've read so much about — Gibbo, Murray, Jordan, James — they had to start somewhere. Training, a lot of hard work, sweat and some big dreams.

They set-out to make GREAT happen, and they did. They trained hard, and sure, they've got some tricks up their sleeves, but whay they really have, well, that's called skill.

As the most experienced training provider in Queensland we know a little something about skills

it has to start somewhere

TAFE Queensland - Presenting Partner Basketball

We're excited to be Presenting Partner of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Basketball because we're proud to be part of the crowd come Games-time — cheering on the teams who have made it to showcase their skills to the world.

greatness starts with you

For the benchwarmers

Don't just sit on the bench waiting for a play. Read and learn.

Big hoops, big dreams and a whole lotta community spirit

There’s one thing that keeps bringing David Yohan back to basketball...

That's one great big basketball battle for sure

Was Cairns ready for the size of these basketballs? Probably not, but we promised… so we delivered...

There are some real skills that go into making a great games

You won’t believe how many volunteers are required to pull off a sporting event like the Commonwealth Games...

Tickets to the GC2018?!?
Yes please!

FOMO gonna’s hit hard if you don’t get a ticket. Ticket requests have closed, but there’s another ticket round in...

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TAFE Queensland is the official Training Partner of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games and we'll be doing our part to make the Commmonwealth Games nothing short of great

As Training Partner, TAFE Queensland is responsible for developing aq training program that will ensure 15,000 volunteers across 200 roles have the diverse set of practical skills needed to make a great games happen. If you're a business and want to know how we can help you with bespoke training, click below. If you're a student or prospective student and want to know more about our partnership find out more below.

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