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Get the prerequisite knowledge required to enter into a tertiary degree in the sciences or health sector. Successful completion of this course will give you an understanding of the aspects of chemistry that affect your daily life.

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Course overview

This course is designed to help you gain the necessary knowledge to enter into a tertiary degree in the sciences or health sector and is equivalent to Year 11/12 Chemistry. 

Throughout this course you will develop a knowledge of chemical reactions as well as inorganic and organic compounds. You will study chemical bonding, stoichiometry, acids and bases, quantitative analysis, gas laws, oxidation and reduction, the periodic table, organic chemistry, rates of reaction, energy, and chemical equilibrium.

Successful completion of this course will give you an understanding of the aspects of chemistry that affect your daily life. You will also be able to communicate chemical ideas effectively, and use critical thinking skills in relation to issues involving science and technology.

Course outcome:

Statement of Achievement

Individual learning support

During this course you'll receive individual tutorial support from an experienced high school chemistry teacher via email, phone, and online classrooms and discussion forums.

Unilearn pathways

Unilearn can help you complete prerequisite subjects to meet your university entrance requirements. Unilearn offers a range of online courses that can set you on the pathway to reaching your study goals. The best part is you can study at your own pace and enrol and get started at any time.

What you will study.


  • UNL21
    Unit description :
    This course provides a bridging of chemical reactions, inorganic and organic compounds; and readies you for university level chemistry and fields that rely on chemistry knowledge, this course is equivalent to year 11/12 HSC/OP Chemistry. (Introductory Mathematics knowledge recommended).
  • Chemistry
Ways to study
up to 1 year
  • Full fee: $1,005
  • International: $1,215

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Chemistry (UNL21)

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Payment Options

How can I pay for this course?

No matter what your circumstances, TAFE Queensland has a payment option to suit you. If you are unsure of what’s right for you, get in touch. We’re here to help. 

Payment plan

If you have difficulty paying for the full cost of a course upfront, you may be eligible for a payment plan.

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Upfront payment

This may be the full fee for the course, or the student contribution amount if you are eligible for a subsidy or concession.

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Important Information

Read this before applying.

Selection criteria

This course presumes you have algebra level math skills with reading and writing skills at a year 11 or higher.

Unilearn has assumed that by enrolling into an online unit you are familiar with computers and are able to use programs such as Word, Excel and Adobe Reader as well as complete simple tasks such as the Save-As function, attaching a file, saving a low resolution image and inserting images and working with tables within Word documents.

Need to know
  • Open for continuous enrolment.
  • Unilearn is completed via Connect. Delivered entirely online.  Self-paced. Once enrolled, students will have access within 48 hours for their course materials.
  • Max. 2 units per enrolment.
    • Cap of 2 units per enrolment is due to time requirements of each unit and student dedication. Each unit consists of two years of study condensed into one. Students enrolled in 2 units are essentially studying four years’ worth of content within a 12 month enrolment period.
  • Unit duration: 12 months from the enrolment date.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to check with their preferred University that our course meets their prerequisite requirements prior to enrolment
  • Minimum study time is 18 weeks – no exceptions
  • Completing our individual courses will not achieve or improve a QTAC rank or OP. 

University Pathways.

If you want to go on to further study at university, TAFE Queensland has a pathway option to get you there. In many cases, completing one of our diplomas may give you a full year of credit towards a degree with one of our partner universities.

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  • James Cook University
  • Southern Cross University
  • University of Canberra
  • Griffith University
  • Queensland University of Technology
  • Federation University
  • University of Southern Queensland

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