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Alice Langford
Business Skills Mentor: Brisbane

Alice Langford helps hundreds of business every year. She provides guidance and advice, from ideas and start-up to growth and succession, across a variety of industries. She is passionate about engaging in networks and implementing growth strategies.

Danielle Duncan
Business Skills Mentor: Brisbane

Danielle has a wealth of experience in private business and government sectors. She can provide a diverse range of advice and support services. Danielle also has a personal passion for sustainability. This led to the launch and successful growth of her own eCommerce, retail and wholesale business and product line, You & Bamboo.

Helen Cowley
Business Skills Mentor: Brisbane, Ipswich, and Darling Downs

Helen Cowley is a passionate business consultant, coach and trainer with more than 30 years experience. As a small business owner herself, she understands the pressures and challenges. In her role as a mentor, Helen helps business owners embrace change, and improve their understanding of processes and profitability.

Jason Virtue
Business Skills Mentor: Sunshine Coast

Jason Virtue is the founder and owner of Landlife Education Pty Ltd, a consulting and training firm that specialises in practical and innovative solutions for rural-based businesses. Over the last 10 years, Jason has worked with hundreds of people to help them grow into sustainable operations.

Margaret Aspin
Business Skills Mentor: Brisbane

Margaret is a business owner and a director of two IT start-up companies. She is passionate about working with new or established businesses as they plan, grow and develop themselves and their staff. Margaret also has a special interest in assisting small businesses secure funding for innovation and growth.

Peter Baldwin
Business Skills Mentor: Brisbane

Peter Baldwin has more than 30 years of experience, and specialises in digital marketing. He is passionate about helping small and medium enterprises drive more leads and sales. He also believes that not only does every business need a clear strategy, plan and a financial projection, but that business operators should understand those numbers.

Ramona Bullard
Business Skills Mentor: North Queensland

Ramona Bullard has 20 years of experience in strategic planning, compliance, innovation, and organisational development. Her experience spans a wide range of industries. Ramona is passionate about helping SMEs develop practical, tailored solutions.ales and management trainer.

Rudi Tartaglia
Managing Director: Brisbane

Rudi Tartaglia has worked in marketing and strategic management since 1998. He has experience across a range of industries including retail, financial services, mining, and more. Rudi provides mentoring in corporate strategy, marketing and branding, web development, and CRM databases.

Tony Curl
Business Skills Mentor: Brisbane

Tony Curl has more than 30 years of experience in operational leadership and change management. He is passionate about supporting small business, and his corporate experiences provide valuable insights. Tony specialises in building high-performing teams by creating greater engagement among employees.

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