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One of the most important parts of your application to TAFE Queensland is a well-written Statement of Purpose (SOP). The aim of a SOP is to give our admissions team a genuine snapshot of who you are, including your personal circumstances in your home country. A good SOP may determine whether your application is successful.

Your Statement of Purpose covers three main areas:

  1. your personal, educational and professional background
  2. your reasons for seeking an international education and interest in our program
  3. your employment goals on your return to your home country.

This is your chance to describe the value of gaining an international experience, high-quality education, real world skills, and a competitive edge in the global marketplace.

Statement of Purpose criteria

You must provide your SOP with your application. It will be assessed by the TAFE Queensland international admissions team against the Genuine Temporary Entrant criteria. Please prepare your responses as a separate document. Ensure you address each criterion as fully as possible and in your own words, do not simply copy and paste information from our website. Your SOP should be a maximum of two pages.

1. Introduce yourself with your full name, date of birth, nationality, and where you are currently living. Briefly describe your current circumstances (e.g. are you currently working, studying, travelling etc.). What program are you applying for and what campus do you plan on studying at?

Provide brief details of your education history from Year 10 and 12 equivalent qualifications to your highest qualification. Please mention any highlights or academic achievements or explain any circumstances where your grade results were affected.

3. If applicable, describe your employment history including the company name, job title and duration of each job you've held. Attach a brief CV or resume to your application including any employer references.

4. Please explain the reasons for any major gaps in your studies and/or employment history. Any gaps of more than 12 months must be explained even if this was for family reasons, travelling, or other commitments. Unexplained gaps could indicate a lack of career progression which could put you at risk of not being considered a genuine student applicant.

5. Describe what led you to choose to study in Australia and at TAFE Queensland. Be specific about your reasons for wanting to live in the city where you will be studying.

6. Are there similar programs available in your home country and if so, what led you to seek education overseas in Australia?

7. Tell us about your career goals and what kind of employment opportunities you are anticipating when you return to your home country. This could include information about recent economic developments and international opportunities. If possible, please indicate your salary expectations, promotion opportunities, and professional or business development as a result of your studies.

8. Describe any other compelling reasons for returning to your home country once you successfully complete your studies in Australia (e.g. family, work commitments, etc.)

9. If you already have a post-secondary qualification, discuss how a TAFE Queensland course will complement your previous studies or experience. If there is no link, explain why you are seeking a career change. Please note: major career changes will need to be carefully explained.

10. If you have dependents (spouse and/or children), please provide their names and ages. Also indicate if they plan to accompany you to Australia or remain at home while you study in Australia.

11. If applicable, detail any previous travel to Australia or instances of a visa rejection for Australia or any other country. If you've previously been refused a visa, please provide a brief explanation as well as a visa refusal decision record.

12. Describe how your studies and living costs will be funded. You may be required to prove that you have sufficient funds to support yourself (and any dependents) during your first year of studies in Australia.

13. Your SOP must end with the following statement: "I declare that the particulars given above are true and correct. I understand that incorrect or incomplete statements may result in my application not being accepted." You must sign and date your SOP.