About #DiscoverMyFuture

#DiscoverMyFuture was designed in response to recognition in high schools and universities that there is not enough information and advice for students prior to Year 11 to make informed decisions about their future education investment and career pathways.

TAFE Queensland has developed a series of interactive workshops that take Year 9 students on a journey of discovery about possible career options. Students are encouraged to be open to new ideas, and compare career pathways, income potential and lifestyle benefits. Students can explore their own strengths and interests and investigate where these can take them in the future.

Students will:

  • build self awareness and see the relevance of their education
  • develop a broader understanding of the multitude of careers and pathways available
  • gain the knowledge and skills to make informed choices
  • develop a career portfolio for continual growth, to make subject selection easier, to use during career guidance sessions, and refer to when applying for employment


How the program works

Designed for Year 9 students to explore multiple career pathways, #DiscoverMyFuture aligns to components of the Work Studies subject from the Australian Curriculum. It includes a one hour face-to-face workshop delivered by TAFE Queensland educators with supplementary learning resources provided for three lessons facilitated by high school teachers.

What it costs

#DiscoverMyFuture is funded by TAFE Queensland. There is no cost to the school or student.

What schools are saying

Over 16,000 students have completed the program
More than 180 schools have chosen the program

"The #DiscoverMyFuture program allowed our students the time and tools to reflect on their schooling to date and develop a sense of direction for the future. The timing of this program to take place in Year 9 is its biggest advantage, as students are at the highest risk of disengaging from their education at this juncture. The #DiscoverMyFuture program has encouraged an ongoing dialogue about pathways and thinking forward beyond Year 9."

Julie Learoyd - Principal, Hervey Bay State High School

"The #DiscoverMyFuture program is a very appropriate, interactive, engaging course for our students. TAFE Queensland's enthusiasm in the delivery to our students and staff needs to be acknowledged and congratulated. With access to amazing resources, appropriate pedagogy and relevant content – our students, and staff will be well and truly equipped for making and guiding students in decision making in their future options."

Kathryn Ona - Dean Junior Secondary, Bundamba State Secondary College

"I like that TAFE Queensland has chosen to use the program to genuinely help students consider their full range of career options, not encourage students to consider only the options delivered by TAFE. The quality of the resources left for teachers to use with students is impressive. I am keen to make this program a regular part of the Career Pathways program for Year 9 students at St Augustine’s College."

Laura Collier - Program Leader Career Pathways, St Augustine's College

"Many students walked out with a renewed sense of purpose and an awareness that their futures are not predetermined and that there are many pathways to success in the future."

Kev Gray - Head of Junior Secondary, Kepnock State High School
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