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TAFE at School Parent and Student Information Evenings

These Information Sessions are for high school students in Brisbane who have applied for a TAFE at School program in 2024 and wish to know more about the courses. It covers payment plans, enrolment and includes breakout sessions with teachers.
  • DATE
  • October 16-25 2023
  • TIME
  • 6-8pm

  • TAFE Queensland South Bank

    C1411 Auditorium, 66 Ernest St

    South Brisbane Qld 4101

  • TAFE at School Brisbane


Students who have applied to study in the Semester 1, 2024 TAFE at School program at one of our Brisbane campuses are invited to attend an Information Evening, specific to their first preference of courses. Invitations will be sent via email to student and parent/guardian email addresses. 

The information session will cover payment plans, enrolment and pathways to further studies. Your teachers will then lead a breakout session in one of our classrooms and cover what to expect in your course and studying with TAFE Queensland. 

Come along to meet your future classmates, teachers and TAFE at School experts to discover how we can help you reach your study and career goals.

Spaces are limited, so make sure you register when you receive your invitation. Registrations are limited to one student ticket and one parent/guardian ticket per transaction, so we can accommodate as many students as possible.  


  • You will have been invited to join the session related to your first preference when applying for 2024 TAFE at School courses.
  • An invitation is not a confirmation of an offer or an enrolment.
  • All TAFE at School students are invited to attend this South Bank session, regardless of which campus you have chosen to study at.

If you believe you should have been invited, and have not received an invitation, please email Schools.Brisbane@tafeqld.edu.au or call (07) 3244 6123.

Session Schedule 16-18 Oct

Monday 16 October | 6pm

Business and Accounting

  • Certificate III in Accounts Administration (FNS30322)
  • Certificate III in Business (Medical Administration) (BSB30120)
  • Certificate IV in Business (BSB40120)

Community Services

  • Certificate II in Community Services (CHC22015)

Early Childhood and Education

  • Certificate II in Community Services (Early Childhood Stream) (CHC22015)
  • Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC30121)

Justice and Legal

  • Certificate III in Legal Services (BSB30320)
  • Certificate IV in Justice Studies (10971NAT)

Tuesday 17 October | 6pm

Digital Design

  • Certificate III in Design Fundamentals (Graphics) (CUA30720)
  • Certificate III in Screen and Media (Multimedia) (CUA31020)
  • Certificate III in Visual Arts (Focus on Photography) (CUA31120)

Information Technologies

  • Certificate II in Autonomous Technologies (Robotics) (10935NAT)
  • Certificate II in Telecommunications Technology (Networking) (ICT20319)
  • Certificate III in Information Technology (ICT30120)
  • Certificate III in Information Technology (Mobile iOS App Development) (ICT30120)

Wednesday 18 October | 6pm

Creative Arts

  • Certificate II in Apparel, Fashion and Textiles (MST20722)
  • Certificate II in Music Industry (Music Performance) (CUA20620)
  • Certificate II in Music Industry (Sound Production) (CUA20620)
  • Certificate III in Community Dance, Theatre and Events (Acting) (CUA30220)
  • Certificate III in Screen and Media (Film and Television) (CUA31020)
  • Certificate III in Visual Arts (CUA31120)

Events and Tourism

  • Accelerate to Diploma of Event Management (SIT50322)
  • Accelerate to Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management (SIT50122)
  • Certificate II in Tourism (SIT20122)
  • Certificate II in Tourism / Certificate III in Events (SIT20122/SIT30522)

Session Schedule 23-25 Oct

Monday 23 October | 6pm

Applied Science

  • Certificate II in Sampling and Measurement (MSL20118)

Hairdressing and Barbering

  • Certificate II in Salon Assistant (SHB20216)
  • Certificate II in Salon Assistant (Barbering) (SHB20216)
  • Certificate II in Salon Assistant (Stefan) (SHB20216)


  • Certificate II in Health Support Services (HLT23215)
  • Certificate III in Health Services Assistance  (HLT33115)



Tuesday 24 October | 6pm

Hospitality, Baking, Cookery and Patisserie

  • Certificate II in Baking (FBP20221)
  • Certificate II in Cookery (SIT20421)
  • Certificate II in Hospitality (SIT20322)

Beauty and Makeup

  • Certificate II in Retail Cosmetics (SHB20121)
  • Certificate III in Beauty Services (SHB30121)
  • Certificate III in Make-Up (SHB30221)



Wednesday 25 October | 6pm

Environment and Animal Studies

  • Certificate II in Animal Care (ACM20121)

Sport and Recreation

  • Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation (Aquatic Focus) (SIS20419)
  • Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation (Orienteering Focus) (SIS20419)
  • Certificate II in Sport Coaching (SIS20321)
  • Certificate II in Sports Coaching / Certificate III in Fitness (SIS20321/SIS30321)