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Four short courses for marketers to get you back on the tools

While it’s impossible to know everything about marketing, having some of the more essential and foundational skills can give you a competitive edge. So make sure to work these five courses into your professional development plan this year.

By TAFE Queensland

Marketing is a diverse discipline incorporating aspects from advertising, public relations, social media, and website management. And while it’s impossible to know everything, having some of the more essential and foundational skills can give you a competitive edge.

Even if you hold a more senior marketing role, sometimes doing a refresher course to reconnect with what's happening in the industry at the moment can be helpful.

Here’s four marketing micro-credentials you can work into your professional development plan this year.

#1 Desktop Publishing Essentials

Is your graphic designer overloaded? Do you wish you could make some simple text changes to documents or resize images for the web yourself? Take control and learn the essentials so you can DIY your printed or digital materials. This course will get you started on the road to creating professional promotional material using Adobe Creative Design software to set you apart from everyone else.

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#2 LinkedIn for Business Success

LinkedIn remains Australia’s most popular professional networking tool with four million users in Australia and over 400 million users globally. Like with any tool there's a right way and a wrong way to leverage it for your business. This course will show you the right way to use LinkedIn to help you drive business success.

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#3 Wordpress Essentials

Understanding the digital marketing space is more important now than ever. This course is particularly useful if you're making edits to a webpage, or would like to be able to. Use this course to increase your digital know-how and learn the fundamentals of how to build and edit a webpage or blog.

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#4 Social Media Marketing Essentials

Australians spend around 120 minutes on social media every day scrolling, swiping and tapping through seemingly endless amounts of content. But just like any other marketing tool, using social media needs to be strategic. These channels are no longer just the domain of the youngest person in the office. Brush up on your skills and discover how you can best leverage your social media presence, what channels you should be using, and what sort of content you should be sharing with your audience. Learn how to take control of this important medium and drive strategic results.

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