DATE: Thursday, 25 June 2020

TIME: 2.00pm


The new normal series

Operating, innovating, and living with COVID-19

To grasp new opportunities and reopen the economy, businesses and entrepreneurs must take a first-principles approach to engineer solutions. We must first understand the enemy, understand our position, and understand our options for defence.  Then we can Make solutions, open the economy, and re-engage.  It’s a New Normal, and a bright future if “Common Sense” prevails.



Workshop 4 -  Maker Solutions - Accelerated Community Adaptation

Restricted supplies of; PPE, suitable Alcohol based disinfectant, and novel cleaning technologies, presents a challenge and an opportunity. The Maker movement has risen to the challenge and leads the global effort to kick-start the manufacturing industry through community-based efforts. How to assist local economies and bring people together in a new world of isolation. Don't miss out, register now.