Future plumber Drew Howgego gives his TAFE at School course credit for giving him an edge when applying for his apprenticeship.

The first year apprentice graduated from Glenala State High School in 2017 after a lot of hard work with a Certificate II in Plumbing under his belt, before finding his apprenticeship with Daly Plumbing in Underwood.

Originally in year 10 he was not enjoying school and explored different options before landing on his TAFE at School course.

"The certificate II course was exactly what I wanted," said Drew.

"This qualification has helped me become more responsible and gave me the confidence and edge to apply for a plumbing apprenticeship soon after finishing school."

But Drew isn't just completing an apprenticeship, he already has big plans for his future.

"When I get qualified I hope to be a full-time tradesman before one day owning a business."

As a key occupation in the construction industry, licensed plumbers are in high demand with up to 50,000 job openings expected in the next five years and Drew is well placed to take advantage of the growth.

Drew also has advice for other students currently facing the daunting task of deciding what their future holds.

"Don't sit back; carve out your own future by taking advantage of any opportunities for work experience and training whilst at school, especially if you're unsure about or not planning to go to university," he said.


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