This Halloween beauty and makeup student Latoya has a simple makeup look for you... a scary scarecrow!

Double double, toil and trouble. Fire burn, and cauldron bubble. Just add the perfect scarecrow outfit and you'll fit right in at any Halloween party.

Step 1: Apply primer and foundation to your face and concealer under your eyes. Set with translucent powder.

Step 2: Apply black eyeshadow to the base of your eyelid and orange eyeshadow to the top/crease of the lid and blend. Build up the black before applying eyeliner.

Step 3: Use an eyebrow kit to darken your brow and then use an eyebrow brush to feather them.

Step 4: Apply gel eyeliner to your inner eye line. Add black eyeshadow under your lashes and smudge to meet in the corners.

Step 5: Apply false lashes to the top lid. To create longer lashes on the bottom draw extra on with eyeliner.

Step 6: Apply a patch to your nose with an orange cream based eyeshadow. Use black eyeliner to circle the nose and add crosses around the edge.

Step 7: Apply black lipstick/face paint stick to your bottom lip, draw lines and add crosses with eyeliner.

Step 8: Apply orange cream based eyeshadow onto your cheeks. Use a cotton tip and brown cream based eyeshadow to add freckles.

Toowoomba-based student Latoya is half way through her Certificate III in Make-Up (SHB30215). As part of the course, Latoya has to create up to three make-up looks, and has kindly provided this step-by-step tutorial.

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