Jordann Bell struggled through high school with learning difficulties that made her hesitant to continue studying. Now the 24-year-old has overcome her challenges and is helping other young people like her to overcome theirs.

Jordann knew from a young age that she wanted to work with children. Working as a childcare assistant while she completed Year 12, she was determined to help struggling students and provide them with the same encouragement and support she’d received. Yet despite her ambition, Jordann lacked the confidence to continue her studies into higher education so her dream was put on the backburner.

It wasn't until five years later when Jordann found herself between jobs that her mother suggested she enrol in a Certificate III in Education Support — a qualification that would set her on the path to becoming a teacher aide.

“Mum had studied at TAFE Queensland before and raved about how amazing it was, so I wanted to be a part of that and make some great memories myself,” Jordann said.

“I was very apprehensive to study again given it had been five years since I’d completed any study, but I decided to sign up and I’m so glad I did — it was the best decision I ever made.”

Jordann undertook a Certificate III in Education Support in 2015 and found she thrived in the supportive and hands-on environment. So much so, that she continued on to complete a Certificate IV in Education Support in 2016.

“I loved my time at TAFE. Not only were the teachers amazing, there was so much support given to students there,” she said.

“I never felt overwhelmed and was offered help, support and guidance whenever it was needed.

“All of the people in my classes were beyond supportive too. I loved my classmates and how everyone helped each other out when it was needed. It was the amazing people that made my time there even more special.”

After graduating in August of 2016, Jordann completed volunteer and relief work in her local community. But while she was looking for full time positions in Brisbane, she came across an advertisement looking for teacher aides to work in the UK. In December 2017 she found herself relocating to England, where she's been working one-on-one supporting a young boy who has a developmental disorder that impacts his ability to learn.

“My day-to-day duties have included many things, from support with reading every morning, to lesson planning and scaffolding lessons so they were more appropriate and at the level my student was. I’ve attended all classes with my student to provide him with constant support,” Jordann said.

“I was also lucky enough to do a lot of general teacher’s aide work as well, working with small groups, supervising classroom activities, helping with behaviour management and more.

“But my student has been the most rewarding person to work with; he’s always enthusiastic about learning, and we’ve made some amazing improvements. That’s what’s been the most incredible thing to be a part of — watching a student thrive and become more confident within himself.”

While moving across the globe was a bold decision, it’s an amazing experience that Jordan is grateful to have had.

“It's scary being somewhere new, but it's an amazing experience to learn a new culture and meet different people,” Jordann said.

“And it’s all worth it when you love being a teacher aide and being able to help change a child’s life. I love my job — going to work is the best part of my day.”

With both the Certificate III in Education Support (CHC30213) and Certificate IV in Education Support (CHC40213) now subsidised under new funding, now's the time to turn your desire to help educate the next generation into a rewarding career.

Get your experience recognised

Under the Queensland Department of Education SOA QED10115 TAFE Queensland is proud to offer recognition of prior learning to experienced teachers’ aides employed by the State of Queensland, to gain a Certificate III in Education Support (CHC30213).

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