It's that amazing or dreaded time of year again (depending on who you are), school holidays. If you need to keep kids entertained, we have some super fun but cost-effective activities for you to try.

Visit your local library

Bigger cities and towns as well as lots of regional areas alike have a local library which is a great place to entertain children. Between the books, magazines, online resources, activity schedule and library programs, your kids will not only have fun but will learn a lot.

Make and play with goop

Children can't get enough of funky goop, it's messy and just plain fun. Plus it's a great tactile experience and offers opportunities to learn about colours.

What you need

  • two packs of cornflour
  • two cups of water
  • food colouring
  • large bowl or container


  1. Mix cornflour and water, adding gradually, until you reach your preferred consistency.
  2. Divide and add food colouring as desired.

This mixture will often feel hard to press, especially after it's been in storage. However once you and your kids get your hands into the mess, manipulate it and play with it, it will soften and even become runny.

Get creative in the kitchen

There are lots of fun activities you and your kids can do in the kitchen these school holidays.

To keep young kids entertained it can be as simple as taking a packet of arrowroot or other plain biscuits, mixing up some bright plain icing and buying colourful confectionary. Then set the kids loose to decorate and get creative.

Another option which also promotes healthy eating, is to make a yummy fruit platter together based of different animal shapes. Using a variety of fruit that you've either prepped or help your kids prepare, arrange them on a plate in the shape of the animal. Things like caterpillars and snakes are fun and easy, or you can get more intricate with things like butterflys or lions. Bonus that the kids are learning about animals. 

Parental supervision is required at all times during these activities. 


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