When deciding which study option is best for you it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Should you go to uni, TAFE, or a private provider? Everyone seems to have a different opinion on what the 'right' answer is. It can be hard to sort out fact from fiction.

We could tell you plenty of reasons why we think you should study at TAFE Queensland (but we might be a little biased). Instead, we'll tell you about the findings from a Skilling Australia report that uncovered the benefits of studying at a Vocational Education and Training (VET) provider (like TAFE Queensland) compared to going to university.

VET graduates are paid more

The 'Perceptions are not reality' report from Skilling Australia debunked some of the most common misconceptions about vocational education and training in Australia. While it's widely acknowledged that getting a qualification will enhance your earning potential and job prospects, the report showed that VET graduates are paid even more than those who studied at university. The median starting wage for VET graduates is $2,000 per year higher than that of a university graduate. Surprising but true!

VET graduates finish sooner

Another benefit of studying at TAFE Queensland is that you can complete your qualification in less time than it takes to complete a university degree. We offer certificates, diplomas and advanced diplomas that take as little as six months to two years to complete, rather than a standard three to four year university degree. Completing your qualification faster allows you to enter the workforce and start reaping the benefits of your new qualification sooner. You could be in your dream job a year before your university counterparts, using the time to make connections, develop your skills, and enjoy your graduate income.

VET graduates find work

Another finding from the report is that studying at a VET provider like TAFE Queensland increases your chances of finding work after you graduate. While only 67% of university students find work after graduation, nearly 80% of VET graduates secure employment after successfully completing their course. This is because we focus on giving you the practical skills you need to hit the ground running when you graduate. Instead of being stuck in the classroom, we prepare you with hand-on skills and work-placement opportunities where you can meet potential employers.

VET students graduate

The chances of you completing your course are also greater for VET students than for university students. The completion rate for Commonwealth and state-government funded VET courses was 83% compared to only 73% for bachelor degree students. The academic-style of learning provided at university is not for everyone. It can be hard to see how theories apply to real-world situations when you're still in a lecture theatre. But at TAFE Queensland you'll study in a range of specialist facilities such as engineering workshops, hairdressing salons, commercial kitchens, and clinical nursing wards where you'll put theory into practice straight away.

Time to decide

The good news is that deciding to invest in your future is never a bad decision. If you're ready to choose TAFE Queensland to help you reach your study goals then contact us today.