A proud Aboriginal man, Malachi Wallace is working hard to help educate others in his community.

I have been working at the Cherbourg State School for three years now and I love my job as a Teacher’s Assistant. I am employed by the Queensland Department of Education and I feel that I help represent all students, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous.

Without the wonderful support and encouragement of the staff and teachers at TAFE Queensland my achievements and my fellow students' achievement wouldn’t have happened, and I am especially thankful for those at our Nurunderi campus.

It was great learning and studying alongside one another and the teachers made this all possible so we could achieve our qualifications; they certainly play a major role in our achievements.

Having had this experience I would be saying to anyone that wants to improve their career choices, their lifestyle, and their employment opportunities to take advantage of your local TAFE Queensland campus.

Anything is possible when you put your mind to it and are not afraid to go above and beyond. We can all achieve and get equipped with the necessary tools to enhance our futures.



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