Whether you’re searching for a gift that says Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Thank You, Let’s Celebrate or I Love You; chocolate just seems to provide the right words.

  1. Almost everyone loves chocolate so it’s a winner for men and women, young and old. There’s something about that smooth richness and complex flavour that delights most palettes.
  2. In the push back from accumulating material items, edible gifts like chocolate are a wonderful way to celebrate a special occasion with someone who doesn’t want to collect ‘more stuff’.
  3. By appealing to all the senses, chocolate is widely acknowledged as one of the foods of love. They look and smell amazing and then there’s that satisfying snap before the taste sensation.
  4. High-quality dark chocolate is actually good for you. Let’s be honest; chocolate should be savoured not scoffed. But it does contain phytonutrients like flavanols, reputed to have health benefits such as antioxidant activity.
  5. Boxes of chocolate are versatile gifts - for professional or personal purposes. They can be a small gesture of appreciation for a job well done or a very romantic, public display of affection.
  6. There’s something for everyone in a box of chocolates. They come in a wide variety of white, milk, dark and even ruby chocolate, combined with soft and textured fillings such as caramel, fruit gels, chocolate ganache, nuts and more.
  7. Chocolates are popular gifts by themselves but achieve that X-factor when combined with other delicacies in a food hamper, paired with a bottle of fine wine or matched with a fabulous bunch of flowers.
  8. Chocolate is the gift that goes further. A box of fine chocolate is rarely enjoyed alone. Instead it’s a gift that just keeps on giving when shared with family and friends.
  9. The value in a gift goes way beyond its price tag. Choosing hand-crafted artisan chocolates reflect other values such as quality, authenticity and creativity. Don’t we need more of that?
  10. Chocolate has been enjoyed in one form or another for thousands of years. Whether your style is classic Mayan or contemporary Australian, take the hint - humans love chocolate and a gift box will always be right choice.

So add a little elegance to weddings, birthdays, special occasions and corporate events, or just reward yourself with some chocolate.


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