Aspiring building designer Luke Savonoff is one of eight TAFE Queensland building design and interior design students from across the state who travelled to Denmark last month on a two week Study Abroad trip.

Luke is currently studying a Diploma of Building Design (CPP50911) and had the opportunity to study at the renowned VIA University College in Horsens, as well as visit prominent landmarks in Copenhagen such as The Royal Danish Playhouse, Royal Opera House and BLOX home to the Danish Architecture Centre.

Copenhagen is considered one of the design capitals of the world, with heritage architectural sites dating back from the 16th century, as well as many world-class modern architectural designs throughout the city.

Luke said he was incredibly excited to have the opportunity to explore Copenhagen and learn more about building design and architecture.

“I am so glad I had the opportunity to go to Denmark; it was a trip of a lifetime,” Luke said.

“I really enjoyed experiencing and exploring new places and seeing how different cities function and how the locals use their cities.”

"We learnt about how Danish architects thoughtfully consider sustainability throughout the building design process and how the construction of buildings vary due to the different climate," he said.

The 19-year-old said recycling is massive part of sustainable building construction in Denmark.

“Throughout the life of a building from the beginning stages of construction to demolition, the Danish try and recycle as much of the waste materials as possible which saves on the amount going into landfill,” he said.

“Commonly up to 80 per cent or more of construction and demolition waste gets recycled and re-used in the industry and for further development”.

The Study Abroad trip sparked a light-bulb moment in Luke, when he saw and learnt how the Danish integrate their buildings with the natural environment and immediate surroundings.

"This trip opened my eyes to the integration of a building’s surrounding environment and how they can work together," he said.

"Upon graduating from TAFE Queensland, I am interested in pursuing a university degree in Architecture, with the career goal of one day owning my own building and landscaping design company."

"I would love to design sustainable buildings which are beautifully integrated into their existing surroundings with careful consideration of how the building impacts the environment and the community."

Luke encouraged other students thinking about partaking in a Study Abroad Program to seize the opportunity.

“Overall it was just an amazing time and I would highly recommend that if someone has the opportunity to do a Study Abroad tour to jump on the chance to do it.”

TAFE Queensland offers students a variety of Study Abroad programs each year, with more than 80 students and eight vocational teachers engaged in overseas projects in 2019. By the end of 2019, 330 students will have studied overseas as part of their studies with TAFE Queensland since the program started in 2014.


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