If you're feeling like a zombie when you study it may be a sign that you need to revive and rejuvenate your study routine.

Studying can become a stale process. Here are four tips to help you spice it up and add a little hot sauce to your study routine.

Invest in some cool stationery

Your stationery does not have to be standard, boring, or basic. Try using scented highlighters to add a splash of colour to your notes or buy some snazzy new notebooks to write in. If you study with stationery that you've invested in, you're more likely to use it, and therefore more likely to study. There are some great stationery stores where you can be sure to snatch up a few cool products.

Record your notes

If constantly rewriting your notes doesn't help you remember information, try audio recording them instead. This is an especially good trick if you're an auditory learner. You can record key sections of your notes and play them back in your spare time to study on the go, from commuting to class to on the gym treadmill. Everything you listen to will be in your own words, and it will be that much easier to retain the information. You have the flexibility to record whatever you like, from interactive questions to short summaries.

Make it a game

Studying can actually be fun (or at least less boring) if you turn it into a game. From flashcards to mini quizzes, try using games to challenge and compete against yourself. You can also make studying a game with others. Try group trivia or timed challenges for example, and use the opportunity to learn from one another in a friendly environment. You may even find yourself looking forward to study.

Study snacks

It's okay to have a nibble every now and then during a study sesh. In fact, snacking on certain foods can help fuel your brain and keep your mind sharp so that you're ready to tackle the books. Next time you study try bringing along or prepping some quick and easy study snacks such as frozen grapes, veggies and dip or trail mix. Not only are they healthy alternatives, but they'll add an element of fun and deliciousness to your study sessions.



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