When creating a romantic hairstyle, it's all about soft modern curls and texture.

Here are my top 10 tips to achieve the perfect romantic hairstyle with ease.

Preparation: Prep correctly by blow drying a soft hold mousse into your hair prior to styling. This will give volume, hold, and longevity to the style.

Texture: To give more lift at the roots you can use texture or volume dust to help create a base for back combing or teasing.

Sectioning: Use sectioning clips or similar to work with small sections when curling. The smaller the section, the tighter the curl.

Softness: If you like a softer curl, make sure your curl is firm and tighter to start with by creating small sections, and then comb out with a wide tooth comb.

Upstyles: A soft curl style can also be turned into a soft loose braid or half-up and half-down look.

Add some edge: To create a messier, tousled look you can spray a light shine to smooth and re-comb OR use more texture dust.

Back combing: For more body and texture to the ends of your curls, use a wide tooth comb to back comb the end up.

Hairspray: A light hold hairspray will allow more movement and bounce to your style.

Accessorise: A nice head piece or floral crown can make a simple style more formal and elegant.

Recycle: Don't forget you can recycle your curls to a softly swept upstyle the next day.



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