Sometimes you have to tackle the controversial topics head on.

Look, we get it. Queensland is a state of sunshine chasers. The majority of the population lives for the summer months. December through to February is synonymous with barbecues, beaches and holidays. Don't get us wrong. We are here for that! We just reckon that winter in Queensland is even better. Here's why.

Cozy times

Summer is great for many things, but getting cozy and cuddly is not one of them. With an average temperate of 11-21 degrees through the depths of winter, Queenslanders get to enjoy leaving the house in a hoodie and boots, but without the worry of getting frostbite. It's always such a novelty to dust off your winter coat for the three weeks a year you need it and say; "Gosh it's chilly!" to your neighbours at the bus stop. Those cool evenings are a great excuse to rug up on the couch, drink a hot chocolate, and binge some Netflix.

Winter waters aren't a death trap (as much)

Summer in the tropics is a great time to jump in the ocean and have dip right? Wrong! Anywhere between Port Douglas and Gladstone is a deathtrap of jellyfish and stingers just waiting to turn your summer holiday into a frightfest. By the time June rolls around those beautiful monsters have gone back to horrorville leaving the oceans a lovely place to hang out. Speaking of which...

Whale season

May to October is the perfect time to spot whales migrating south down the Queensland coast on their way to Antarctica. Hervey Bay is Australia's humpback whale-watching capital, but you can get up close and personal with the majestic beauties right across the Fraser, Sunshine and Gold Coasts as well. Tropical North Queensland also plays host to Minke whales every June and July. If you prefer land-based entertainment...

It's footy season

No matter what code your follow, the NRL, AFL and rugby union all bring out the guernseys in winter. We know we're already sporting controversy here, so we're not going to start on which code or team is better. One thing we can all agree on is that no matter where you loyalty lies, Queenslanders all unite at Origin to wipe the blues off the field. #maroonsforever

Queensland winter = summer lite

Let's face it. We're incredibly lucky to enjoy winter weather that is similar to summer in a lot of countries. We can still go swimming, have barbies, party all night, and enjoy the outdoors without the gross humidity, cyclones and mozzies of summer. What's not to love?

No matter what your favourite season may be, it's always a great time to start making the most of your potential. We offer hundreds of courses for career starters, changers and enhancers at more than 50 locations across the state.

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