Growing up on her parents' family farm, Sarah Bell had a love and passion for animals from an early age.

Sarah's connection to the animals on the farm was apparent at an early age, and her natural bond and instinct for caring for them inspired her to become a vet nurse. 

“Being from a farming family, we were always taught to respect and look after animals, and I’ve always felt a strong natural bond and connection with them,” Sarah said.

“My caring instinct for animals runs deep and from an early age I knew I wanted to take my passion for animals to another level and study to become a vet nurse.”

Sarah’s journey began at 17-years-old when she joined TAFE at School to study a Certificate II in Animal Studies (ACM20117), taking the first step towards turning her passion for animals into her profession.

“My dream is to one day become a vet nurse so I decided to do school a little differently and study TAFE at school, completing a Certificate II in Animal Studies in Year 11 and 12,” Sarah said.

“TAFE is an amazing way to gain knowledge and skills that will enable me to get employed as a vet nurse or place me well to study to become a vet in the future.”

Sarah enjoyed her TAFE at School course so much she decided to continue her studies after school at TAFE Queensland's Loganlea campus. 

“All my teachers have really good industry knowledge and relate their experience to our lessons,” continues Sarah.

“Learning from TAFE Queensland’s experienced and knowledgeable tutors means they’re able to talk about their experience and how they’ve overcome challenges in their careers."

“By learning from industry-experienced tutors in top-notch facilities that are the same as industry, vet studies students will be able to get the skills they need for placements with clinics or to get into the industry for work."

“My plan is to now complete my certificate III and IV at the Loganlea campus where my training sees me using the same equipment as I’ll be using at placements, and in the workforce. I know I’ll graduate job ready and I can’t wait to see what the future holds,” she said.

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