Many businesses don't fully understand and utilise the opportunities presented by apprenticeships. While time-intensive initially, hiring apprentices provides notable long-term benefits. Find out how you can grow your business with the help of an apprentice or trainee.

Short term pain, long term gain

While training apprentices requires more time and attention initially, the overall advantages far outweigh any initial disadvantages to time-poor businesses looking to grow.

Increased productivity at lower labour costs

The initial outlay of time required to train an apprentice or trainee might lead you to believe that hiring one will negatively affect your output and productivity, but this couldn't be further from the truth.

As a new apprentice is paid less than an experienced professional, training your employees in-house can work out to be much more cost-effective than hiring already trained staff. This can save you in recruitment costs, allowing you to get more work done for less.

Address specific skill gaps

The success of any small business rests of the quality of its staff. As many small businesses require highly-specialised skillsets to grow, training fresh new apprentices in these skills is often more cost-effective than upskilling existing staff. Training your own staff will also allow them to develop a deep understanding of your business and its processes from the ground-up — a valuable asset if they stay on in your business once they complete their apprenticeship.

Keep up with the times

Young apprentices are often tech-savvy and this can be highly advantageous for businesses adopting a future-proof, digital-first strategy. One of the greatest benefits of hiring a fresh-faced apprentice is their ignorance of the established ways of doing things and their ability to see your business, and the wider industry, in a whole new light.

As your apprentice starts to develop their skills, these digital natives can help you find new solutions and shift your current thinking, ensuring your business isn't left in the dark ages with other slower-moving competitors.

Improve your brand

Nothing demonstrates you're invested in your local community like giving someone the opportunity to enjoy gainful employment in an industry they love. If done right, hiring an apprentice can also be a powerful brand building exercise for your business, helping to expand your customer base and increase revenue.

Make sure to promote your apprenticeship program to your customers through your existing marketing initiatives. With the right contacts, you and your apprentice could even feature in a good news story in your local paper, earning you valuable free PR for your business.

Focus on the important stuff

Perhaps the most important way an apprentice or trainee can help you grow your business is by giving you the gift of time. With more staff on board to take care of the day-to-day tasks, it gives you more time to spend on the bigger picture. Imaging finally having some time off the tools to focus on investigating growth opportunities and setting out your plans for the future. Cost-effective labour in the form of an apprentice can help give you back that time you've been searching for.


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