Originally from Brazil, Amanda Jansen started her career in journalism, but after working in administration for the last two years she decided it was time to get a formal business qualification under her belt.

After a lot of research, Amanda found TAFE Queensland had the course she needed and enrolled in the Diploma of Business / Diploma of Leadership and Management (BSB50215 / BSB51918), studying on campus two days a week.

"I found TAFE Queensland to be well known with a good reputation and a high level of study. Their course had the right subjects I needed for my work," she said.

As a mother of two young children Amanda has come back into the workforce slowly, juggling study and family life. Studying at TAFE Queensland has been a great step towards achieving her career goals.

"I chose to study this course because it gives me greater knowledge in an area I'm already doing, as well as broader business skills which gives me a good base for promotion in my job," said Amanda.

Deciding to go down a different path in her life hasn't been easy, but Amanda believes you always need to challenge yourself.

"Administration is totally different from my background as a journalist and I'm really enjoying it because it's challenging. I feel that if you don't have a challenge in your life it just stops, so you need to put yourself through different situations until you get good outcomes," Amanda said.

One of the highlights of her studies so far has been the classroom-based learning and getting to work with various scenarios.

"What we are learning all fits with what I am doing, it's very real and exactly what I need for my work. We are learning a lot about HR – the procedures and how to hire people and the process," she said.

Going back to study later in life has been a new experience for Amanda, but she firmly believes you're never too old to study.

"Age doesn't matter – I'm 27 and I'm very excited to learn. I have young people in my class and this is good as they can help me with things and I can help them because I have more work experience, so it can work in both ways," said Amanda.

From her very first day in class, Amanda said her teachers have been amazing and very supportive.

"The teachers are so good, they are there if you have any issues. There is never a bad time to ask for help, they just want to see you keep going. This has encouraged and motivated me," said Amanda.

To keep your mind and skills sharp Amanda believes you should never stop studying as industry is always changing.

"If I could give any advice it's don't stop studying and learning things. New things open doors and open your mind for a new world," said Amanda.

"This course is good for anyone – it doesn't matter if you have your own business or if you work for someone else. There are things that you must know as a client, as an employee and as an employer, so I think it's good for life," she said.



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