TAFE Queensland carpentry teacher Paul Lewis comes from a family of builders spanning several generations.

His three brothers are all carpenters, his grandfather was a proud owner of a sawmill and his great grandfather even built many of the grand old homes in Brisbane in the late 1800s.

“Following in my family's footsteps was an easy choice for me so I completed a carpentry apprenticeship and spent my first 10 years in the industry building all styles of residential homes," he said.

“The next 25 years were spent building a mix of large townhouse complexes, renovating and extending older unit blocks, building new tilt panel industrial sheds and converting inner-city office blocks to residential units,” said Paul.

After Paul began winding down the construction work and easing into semi-retirement he was approached to teach advanced trades, a time which he thoroughly enjoyed.

“It was great to be able to pass on the skills and knowledge that I'd gained over my 35 years in the trade. I also really enjoyed sharing all the tips and tricks that I'd picked up over the years.”

One thing Paul learnt through his time teaching advanced trades was the growing difficulty employers faced when trying to find skilled young workers. With this in mind, he decided to pursue a new avenue, and encourage young school leavers to take up the trade.

Supporting the industry that was so deeply entrenched in his family’s roots was important to Paul and he soon joined TAFE Queensland to begin working with school leavers starting in the trade.

“TAFE Queensland has a variety of pathways for people to enter the building industry, and I get great satisfaction seeing how excited our students are to learn skills that will help them through their working life."

“I see my role as a TAFE Queensland teacher as a way of giving back to the construction industry which has given me so much during my career,” said Paul.



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