Daisy Hill florist Georgie Kemshal-Bell still can't believe she gets paid to spend her days creating beautiful flower arrangements for weddings and the loved ones of her customers.

“I really do have to pinch myself sometimes to prove I’m not dreaming,” Georgie laughs.

“I feel very lucky to have not only found my dream career, but also a fantastic employer who genuinely cares about their staff and customers.”

Like a lot of school leavers, Georgie wasn’t sure what career path to follow, but she always knew it would involve something creative.

“I’ve always been quite artistic and knew I wanted to work in a field that would allow me to be creative every day,” Georgie said.

“Initially I thought that might be in the graphic design world and so I began my university studies in this area but it didn’t take long to realise it wasn’t for me — I really wanted something more tangible and hands on."

“In the end it was my sister who pointed me towards floristry. I’d always loved plants and flowers and she casually suggested it might make a great career path for me to me — it was a bit of a light bulb moment to be perfectly honest,” she said. 

Georgie enrolled in a Certificate III in Floristry (SFL30115) with TAFE Queensland and hasn’t looked back.

“It’s funny how you just know when you’ve found what you want to do,” Georgie recalls.

“I struggled from the start at uni, but the minute I started my floristry course I knew it was for me. I was the first person into the classroom every morning and the last one to leave — they couldn’t keep me away from the place!"

“I couldn’t learn enough from my teachers and I'm thankful they were always willing to help me and support my passion for the industry,” she said. 

According to Georgie, although many of her floristry skills were finessed on the job the basics that came from her TAFE Queensland training have stuck hard.

“Before starting my course I’d never even been to the local flower markets and I was blown away by them,” Georgie said.

“It was here that I was taught by my TAFE Queensland teachers how to select flowers, package them, transport them and unpack them at the other end and preserve them."

“These particular skills I use every single day in my job and it always reminds me of the earliest day of my training,” she said. 

During her studies Georgie began working part time at Unveiling Poppy, an award-winning florist that specialises in weddings, events, and personalised bouquet arrangements.

Today Georgie is a full-time member of the team and was excited to recently complete her first Mother’s Day as a qualified florist.

“Mother’s Day is obviously a very special day for lots of reasons, but Mother’s Day in 2020 felt particularly extraordinary,” Georgie said.

“We had a record number of orders and while it's always a very busy time for our industry, COVID-19 seems to have encouraged people to get back to their roots — flowers are a very classic way to show love and gratitude and they can be delivered which was a huge positive for a lot of people this year.”



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