There are few careers that play a more critical and prominent role in our lives than those who produce the food we eat. Now, existing agricultural and rural operations workers can have their skills recognised at no cost thanks to TAFE Queensland's FREE RPL program.

Australia has a long and proud history of producing high-quality food and produce for both Australia and the world. But the farmers, graziers, and station mangers of today have come a long way from their humble beginnings. Rapid advances in farming technology, tighter margins, and an increasingly unstable climate mean that many agricultural workers are also experts in climate risk mitigation, sustainable land use, and financial management strategies.

But despite their high levels of skills and expertise, research indicates the majority of the agricultural workforce have no formally recognised post-school qualifications. Todays farming workforce instead gain wide-ranging knowledge and experience through independent research, knowledge sharing, and years of hard-earned experience on the land. But with new technologies including sensors, drones, robots and autonomous vehicles rapidly changing the farming landscape, cementing these skills into a formal qualification has never been more important.

Turn your experience into a qualification

TAFE Queensland's free Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) program is allowing experienced agricultural and rural operations workers to have their years of skills and experience recognised. This process allows eligible Queenslanders to get formally recognised for the skills you already have at no cost. What's even better is that any gap training required to complete the qualification is also fully funded under the program.

Whatever your goal, this is a genuine opportunity to give your agricultural career a boost. Getting recognition for the skills and experience you’ve gained on the land means less study time for you while increasing your future job prospects and earning potential.

A number of agriculture and business courses are available through this program including:

Certificate III in Rural Operations (AHC32816)
This course covers the skills you need to operate a variety of equipment including tractors and quad bikes, perform a range of farm maintenance activities, care for animals, and monitor weather conditions.

Diploma of Agriculture (AHC50116)
This course includes high-level agribusiness skills including marketing agricultural products and services, budgeting, climate risk management, and sustainable land strategies.

Certificate III in Business Administration (BSB30415)
This course covers a range of essential business skills including computer technology, organisation skills, spreadsheets, payroll processing, and accounts payable and receivable.

Diploma of Leadership & Management (BSB51918)
This course includes key leadership skills including how to use emotional intelligence to maximise team outcomes and how to develop an operational plan to facilitate effective workplace practices.

What does it cost?

The FREE RPL program is available to eligible Queenslanders at no cost. The program is fully funded by the Queensland Government, through the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training. The program is part of the Queensland Government’s $500 million Workplace Assistance Package — designed to help the economy get back-on-track.

How to apply

Places for this funding are limited so get your application in today to take advantage of this great opportunity. Register now to find out how TAFE Queensland's FREE RPL program can help you get recognised for the skills you already have.

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