COVID-19 has changed the way the world lives, works and learns, and it's been no different for TAFE Queensland students. During a time when they had little or no face-to-face interaction with their teachers or peers and were doing much of their learning in isolation, #isostudybuddy became a way to share their experiences. 

We've rounded up our favourite #isostudybuddy posts from our students below, but you can also check out our Facebook or search the hashtag on Instagram for more.

The best researcher ever

While the library network might disagree with us, we think mental health student Cassie's pupper is the best researcher.

"I asked him to help me look up references, but he only knew how to look up photos of roast chickens!" Cassie said. 

Safety first fungi team

Billy knows it's safety first when out in the forest identifying fungi, so he supervised while horticulture and conservation and land management student Sarah Turner did the work and research.

Be still our heart

Flynn let nursing student Kayla practise observations on him during iso.

Hissssstory lover

While hisssstory might be Medusa’s favourite subject, she was busy being a perfect #isostudybuddy for Logan-based individual support student Keani.

Zoom highlights

Pugs like Pablo made many an appearance in Zoom classes. He'll definitely miss his mum Pam when she returns to face-to-face beauty classes in Townsville.

The helpful (and less helpful) 

Crime and justice studies student Sophie's study buddy had the purrrrrfect tricks for keeping warm in Brisbane while studying.

Stormy was very good at serving the looks that said, "Get back to work!" to Cressbrook-based education support student Rhonda.

And Zara was happy to study alongside adult tertiary preparation student Taron on the Gold Coast. 

But sometimes, mad scientist Denby the macaw got a little too into Unilearn student Melissa's experiments.

Those who preferred being outdoors

For migrant Yuliia, originally from the Ukraine, her study buddy knew the value of work and getting out into the sunshine.

But international carpentry student Mariana's study buddies were definitely more focused on play time.

Move over princess

If you've ever wondered what Yoshi gets up to when he's not busy helping Mario save Princess Peach, now you know.

"This is Joshi the Yoshi — he doesn't talk much but drinks all the tea while studying his Certificate II in Plumbing," said Luke. 

This is either madness, or brilliance

We think brilliance from youth work student Harry.


Community care student Kellie has stayed connected in Cooroy with her very own castaway mate.

If you didn't read that title in Tom Hanks' voice, you're lying.  

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