Kelly started her TAFE Queensland journey with a Community Care Skill Set (SSCHC0004), and it's taking her in a completely unprecedented and creative direction.

What do you do when you’re the sole breadwinner, COVID-19 is seeing your colleagues lose their jobs, and you’re very concerned you might be next? You enrol in a free TAFE Queensland skill set. Well, that’s what mature age pathology administrator and previous phlebotomist Kelly Simpson did, and in doing so, it’s led her towards an entirely unprecedented outcome.

“TAFE Queensland gave me hope that if I became ill, unemployed or locked down, I could do something to give myself a better chance of staying afloat,” Kelly explained, as to why she originally enrolled in the Community Care Skill Set (SSCHC0004).

“I’d heard it was free, via a friend, and community services is a field I'd worked in, in the past, but without qualifications. I absolutely love helping people and hoped a qualification would make it easier to find a new job, should I have needed to.”

As COVID-19 would have it she didn’t need to. With her workload increasing exponentially, Kelly’s online skill set actually became quite difficult to fit in.

“It was a challenge, but because of that challenge I ended up reshaping my vision for the future. Thanks to TAFE Queensland my goals completely changed," she said.

“I’ve no internet access at home, so I used campus libraries to do the course work. I live on the Sunshine Coast but work in Brisbane, so this meant I could check out various campuses during my travels."

"I was able to visit Nambour, Mooloolaba, Caboolture, Acacia Ridge, Bracken Ridge, and Eagle Farm, and I was completely amazed at all they had to offer. Then one day I had opportunity to explore the absolute state-of-the-art facilities at South Bank," she continued.”

During her visit to the South Bank campus Kelly was exposed to more of the training qualifications TAFE Queensland offers, and is now even considering enrolling in a Certificate III in Live Production and Services (CUA30415).

“Post COVID-19 I’m really looking forward to becoming further involved in some capacity in the arts. This really excites me; I'm very interested in costuming and theatre and had no idea TAFE had such glorious programs,” Kelly said.

“TAFE has put a fire in my belly that won't be extinguished; it’s really helped me to fine tune my desires and clarify the direction I'd like to point myself in."

"I haven't yet completed my online skill set. I hope to, but if I don't, I won't consider that a failure. Everything we attempt in life, whether we succeed or not leads on to something else."

"I recommend to anyone reading this not to be afraid to change tack if they find they are not heading in the direction of their dreams. TAFE Queensland will provide all the support, resources, experiences and connections you need to make your vision reality,” she finished.


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