Thanks to LinkedIn potential employees, current employees, colleagues (and by design employers and potential employers) can, with just a few clicks, see just how experienced and educated a leader you are.

Arguably, few things are less inspiring or impressive than a leader’s profile with the most recent qualification being greater than two years old. In our digital world education is easily accessible, as is information about training courses, events and conferences, so there really is no excuse to have a static (read: old) education update.

Similarly, we know that leaders must keep learning – leadership and business success in the 2020s is dependent on the practical application of this learning. And if ‘lifelong education’ is something you preach to your team – you best continue to invest in yourself.

So, if your leadership skills could do with a refresh, you need to fill a gap (or a few), or if you’re new to a leadership role, there are literally millions of training options on the internet. But, are they from a reputable and recognised source? TAFE Queensland is Queensland’s most awarded training provider, with world-class trainers and programs.

Some courses you might want to consider include:

Another advantage of choosing TAFE Queensland is that our dedicated team can custom-design specific leadership and soft-skills training programs for your business and industry. It’s just a matter of asking. Or, if you know something is missing but can’t quite put your finger on it, our highly experienced team will also identify skill-gaps and develop subsequent training to address them.

This year, lead by learning.

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