TAFE Queensland graduate Grace Kelly took the first step but the hardest step and enrolled in adult tertiary preparation as a stepping stone to her dream course, the Bachelor of Equine Science at the University of Queensland.

I am 18 years old and originally from Tamborine Mountain, Gold Coast. I graduated high school in 2018 and embarked on my journey at TAFE Queensland Toowoomba campus at the beginning of last year (2019) to study Certificate IV in Adult Tertiary Preparation (10765NAT).

I chose TAFE Queensland as a stepping stone to get to a course I had my heart set on.

The reason I considered TAFE Queensland as an option was based solely on the positive feedback I had heard from others in the surrounding community.

My plan was to achieve the qualifications needed to enrol in my dream course, the Bachelor of Equine Science held at the University of Queensland. During my time at TAFE Queensland, I not only achieved the qualifications I needed. I also gained confidence, knowledge, and skills I otherwise would have been lost without.

Even though the adult tertiary preparation course was only short, I feel as though I have gained so much from simply being a part of the TAFE Queensland community. I have learned a vast range of things I had never even considered before starting at TAFE Queensland. With their extensive range of services and facilities, it made studying a whole lot easier for me.

I know firsthand that it can all be extremely daunting, whether you are coming straight out of high school or just wanting to pursue something new later in life. It is all about finding the courage and taking that first step to go speak to someone or even having a look online to see what TAFE Queensland has to offer.

As I said, the first step is the biggest and essentially, the most important. At TAFE Queensland, going and speaking to someone is so simple because everyone there is willing to listen. They are there to offer you the support and advice you seek, its what they do!

I will be forever grateful for the support I was shown during my time at TAFE Queensland. No matter what I was facing, someone was always there to help or guide me in the right direction. I think it was the support I received from the diverse and caring community at TAFE Queensland that got me through to the end, allowing me to achieve my goals in my own way.

After graduating from TAFE, I was able to enrol into my dream course at the University of Queensland. I am only in my first year but am absolutely loving it! I honestly don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t chosen TAFE Queensland in the very beginning.

I would recommend TAFE Queensland to anyone, no matter who you are or what you want to achieve. TAFE Queensland can assist you in reaching your goal you might have or even make a dream of yours come true, they sure did for me, so why can’t they for you?



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