Choosing TAFE Queensland as your SRTO is a great way to ensure your apprentice is receiving high-quality training and support.

There are many reasons why you might be looking to change training providers. Regardless of the reason, changing to TAFE Queensland is a great way to ensure your apprentice is receiving high-quality training and support.

TAFE Queensland is the original training provider. We’re focused on giving your apprentice the best training possible, so they’re ready for business. We have campuses all over Queensland, a long and proud history, and we’re specialists at what we do — not just in vocational education and training, but also in industry. We've invested heavily in our equipment and tools, making sure that what we teach is contemporary. And while we’re proud of our facilities, our teachers are even better, with years of industry experience and many with awards under their belts.

We’re here to help your apprentice succeed, because we know how important they are to your business success.

If you're looking at switching to TAFE Queensland, we’d love to have you. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

1. Discuss the change 

Make sure you and your apprentice take some time to discuss the change. Determine if you'll both be happy with the new arrangement. If you’d like to speak with us before you make the decision, you can reach us on 1300 308 233.

2. Fill in the form

Next, a small bit of paperwork. Complete the change of supervising registered training organisation (SRTO) form and email to us at TQ.SRTONotifications@tafe.qld.edu.au. We'll take care of notifying the Department of Employment Small Business and Training and your Apprenticeship Network Provider.

3. Let's get training

Our customer service representatives will be in touch to arrange your training.

Importantly, if you're looking at changing more than one apprentice or trainee, you don’t have to complete a form for each. All you need to do is complete sections 1 and 3 on the form, and attach a list of apprentices who you would like changed over. You must have the apprentices sign this list.

If you have your form(s) completed, send them to us and make the change today.

Send us your change form 

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