Nineteen talented TAFE at School make-up students showcased their artistic abilities in support of a local modelling agency at their launch event.

The Certificate III in Make-Up (SHB30215) students worked behind the scenes on the hair and make-up for 21 models, ensuring they were catwalk ready.

Looking polished and professional, the models felt confident to parade down the runway, launching local agency Rocket Girl Modelling.

“Our make-up course teaches students the foundation skills they need to start their careers as make-up artists or to go on to further study,” said TAFE Queensland beauty therapy teacher Tamara Bryan.

TAFE at School allows Year 10, 11 or 12 students to complete a TAFE Queensland qualification while still at school.

The students who are between sixteen and seventeen years old were given the opportunity to put their skills into practice at the event after planning between the course tutor and the event organisers.

“With the launch event featuring a fashion show, the organisers wanted their models to look their best, which is where our students came in,” continues Tamara.

“We were briefed to give the models an avant-garde look, which we practised perfecting for four weeks in the lead up to the event. We mixed and tested our own eye shadow, to ensure we had the right colours to meet the brief," she said. 

“On the night, students worked in pairs to collaborate and support each other. Even without mirrors for the models to provide feedback, it went off without a hitch and we even managed to finish early,” said Tamara.

The students were tasked with applying foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara, as well as contouring and highlighting to provide the perfect runway look. 

Making things more challenging was ensuring the make-up achieved a consistent look on both the male and female models' various skin tones.

As the students got to work, they discovered the models also needed their hair styled. While unexpected, they didn’t hesitate to take on the challenge and found a hairstyle solution that suited the theme.

“It was really awesome that our class practised leading up to the event, so on the night we were able to perform despite the adrenaline that came with being backstage. Bringing the skills we’ve learnt in the classroom into the real-world was exhilarating,” said student Allyscia Foster.

Fellow student, Darcey Brown, who started the event applying make-up and finished it styling hair, agreed that the real-world exposure was an invaluable experience.

“It was a curveball being asked to do the models' hair, but we all have a passion for this industry so working together to find a solution made it easy. Feeling the pressure of working at a real fashion event was awesome,” said Darcey.

Rocket Girl Modelling founder Isabel Wetten, who facilitated the fashion show, was so impressed with the outcome the students produced she said wouldn’t hesitate to work with TAFE Queensland in the future.

“We loved working with TAFE Queensland on the day and they showed skill and professionalism. We would love to work with them again,” she said.

According to the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business, personal service workers (including make-up artists) are amongst the fastest growing industries in Australia, with a projected need for 35,500 more jobs by 2024.



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