With a successful career in law and justice under his belt, TAFE Queensland teacher Frank Sgualdino is proud to help launch the careers of the next generation of legal professionals. 

I'm currently employed as a teacher of the Diploma of Crime and Justice Studies (10284NAT) and Diploma of Legal Services (BSB52215) at the TAFE Queensland Springfield campus.

My passion for teaching goes back many years from when I first started teaching night classes in the Diploma of Crime and Justice Studies (10284NAT) at TAFE Queensland. I have a strong passion for teaching and believe that all people have a right to pursue an education in the field they have chosen.

Vocational education and training is vital to society. It provides opportunities for those who have a strong desire to gain new skills and knowledge in a range of different learning areas. TAFE Queensland provides that opportunity and also enables students to pursue further studies at university.

For 21 years I served as a police officer in Queensland. During that time I performed a wide range of duties from operational policing to teaching at the Police Academy. Later in my policing career I also worked in the legal section of the Queensland Police Service. I left the Queensland Police Service as a Sergeant and subsequently completed my law studies. I was then admitted as a Barrister at Law in Queensland, practicing as a Barrister in criminal law in all court jurisdictions.

As a teacher at TAFE Queensland it's imperative that I keep up to date with current industry practices. To maintain currency in my area of teaching I undertake professional development on an ongoing basis. This includes things like attending legal seminars and completing continuing professional development in a range of diverse legal matters.

A rewarding part of teaching is when students contact me after completing their studies to inform me they've successfully enrolled in university. In many cases, students have also gained employment in law firms as paralegals after completing the Diploma of Legal Services (BSB52215). It's also rewarding when I hear a student has commenced training at the Police Academy and that their TAFE course gave them the confidence to pursue their career.

My message to those who are interested in studying further is to look at TAFE Queensland. From my experience as a teacher  I can say that many students who successfully completed courses at TAFE Queensland have achieved their ambition and gone on to be very successful citizens in the community. Vocational Educational and Training provides rewarding outcomes to anyone who has a passion to study.

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