Free TAFE Queensland support services and counselling is available to all students.

Let’s talk. Maybe 2020 was going to be your year. You committed to learning something new, or you were planning on continuing your training, or maybe you were taking the first steps towards a new career path (exciting!). You organised some fun new stationery, the correct uniform and PPE, had your timetable printed out and at the ready, and then came COVID-19. If you’re feeling deflated, derailed, just a little bit nervous, or A LOT stressed about the way forward, we hear you. And, most importantly we're here for you.

If you’re training with TAFE Queensland we want to keep you in training and striving towards your career goals. The pandemic is temporary, but the skills you learn will last you a lifetime.  That’s why we have a range of free counselling offerings to help you stay positive, motivated, and on track towards getting that qualification. Whatever difficulty you might be experiencing – we really can assist.

The first step is calling our 1300 308 233 number, and our expertly trained and welcoming support staff will put you through to the correct service.

We have student counsellors, student support officers, disability support officers, learning support officers and Indigenous support officers accessible, free, and ready to help you. This means – if you are needing assistance with your assignments, coursework or training – we’ve someone who can assist. If you’re struggling with some of the deadlines or workload – we can assist. If you’re not feeling great emotionally or mentally owing to COVID19 (or for any other reason) – we can assist.

Further, if you need support services outside of your day-to-day student experience – such as accommodation, relationships, employment – anything that is making your training with us a little (or a lot) more difficult at the moment (or at any other time) – we are here for you. We will help you tackle those roadblocks.

No one is ever meant to get through this and other challenges alone. We want to keep you motivated, assist with your wellbeing and on track towards your new career. Allow us to assist, and keep moving forward – call 1300 308 233.

Call 1300 308 233 for assistance.


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Megan Buxton
Megan Buxton

Megan Buxton has been in the welfare sector for 25 years developing programs and new initiatives, and leading and teaching others. She has experience across various roles including counsellor, career guidance officer, vocational teacher, and more. Megan is passionate about people reaching their potential, overcoming barriers to success, and living a life of fulfilment.

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