Gold Coast business owner Steve Dalton believes his TAFE Queensland interns are more employable than their university counterparts.

The founder of cloud software development company Refactor has offered employment to three of his recent TAFE Queensland interns who are now part of his full-time team.

“I've had interns from university in the past, but since engaging with TAFE Queensland for our internship program I've been overly impressed with the students,” said Steve.

“The TAFE students have more practical experience and are eager to learn new things and build on their skills; whereas university students have had spent three to four years learning a lot of technical expertise that is somewhat impracticable.”

Steve said TAFE Queensland students come to him with a skillset that allows them to jump right in and get started with minimal support required.

“It's evident from my experience with these students that the TAFE Queensland software development course at the Coomera campus delivers industry-relevant, practical skills which they then build on across the various projects when they join Refactor,” he said.

“Not only do they have the right skill set but also the right attitude as they're willing to work as a team and aren't afraid to speak up when they think we're wrong or there's a better way.”

“They also bring a lively, youthful vibe to the company and offer different perspectives, which is refreshing.”

Since having such a positive experience with the TAFE Queensland software development students, Steve has also employed a TAFE Queensland school-based electrical engineering apprentice.

To other local businesses looking at hiring interns, Steve said to look no further than TAFE Queensland.

“Connecting with TAFE Queensland is one of the best things I've done for my business and has been a personally rewarding experience to give back to the industry.”



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