Here's the honest truth: your team is going to need more than a bit of butcher’s paper, a planning day and a trust exercise to be able to thrive and perform.

This is the subliminal message from award-winning and best-seller Brett Gleeson’s noteworthy piece in Forbes (2019) on high performing teams. The takeaway message: high performing teams have a servant leader, clear guiding principles, are proactive in planning, engage all members, and are constantly improving via post-event reviews and ongoing learning.

To elaborate – servant leadership means the leader is there to serve the team and workplace goals. Think of the best boss you’ve ever had. There’s a good chance they were practising servant leadership – their intentions and actions were clear: to drive and motivate the team towards established and clear goals. And conversely, they didn’t operate using a hierarchical model. Whilst objectives and big picture positioning saw their involvement, so too did the execution and activities towards these objectives, i.e. they weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and get the job done.

Great leaders and thus teams also behave and communicate in expected and measured ways – the culture is clear, practised, and referred to so no one is in the dark about what they’ve signed up for. These guiding principles also appear in recruitment, are referenced for rewards, and used for raise/promotion considerations.

What else do high-performing teams do? The answer – nothing by accident. There is considerable planning, and even greater self-analysis to streamline, refine and improve on all processes. All feedback is taken seriously, all members participate, and all are engaged.

The last point Gleeson touches on is the importance of ongoing learning. High performing teams don’t rest on their laurels, believing they’ve learnt all there is to know. They are focused on lifelong learning.

This is where we come in. At TAFE Queensland we work with teams, individuals, whole businesses and industries to identify skill gaps and propel learners forward with customised training programs, delivered by the most experienced trainers.

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