Alanna Dean has gone from strength to strength following her TAFE at School studies.

Ditching the traditional school model allowed Alanna to get a head start on her career.

"When I heard about TAFE at School I wanted to try it out because the things I was learning at school didn't interest me all that much," Alanna said.

After enrolling in a Certificate II in Salon Assistant (SHB20216) at the Cairns campus, Alanna didn't look back.

"I really liked my TAFE at School training a lot and I enjoyed the break from my regular Year 11 timetable. Everything that I was learning through TAFE at School was very real-world focused, there were a lot of practical lessons as well as the theory side of things."

Alanna said her training helped her secure a job.

"I submitted my resume to a salon and the owner was really impressed that I was already studying hairdressing. She told me that it was amazing that I was receiving hands-on experience and that the skills I had already gained would help me in the workplace."

Alanna is now a school-based apprentice studying a Certificate III in Hairdressing (SHB30416) alongside her Year 12 studies.

"I go to school three days a week and on the other two days I attend TAFE Queensland and go to work in a salon. I prefer this structure a lot more as I didn't really like school a lot, but now my days are interesting and I'm getting a head start on my career."

"I also enjoy being around like-minded people who have the same goals as myself. My hairdressing class is full of high school students and we all get along really well because we're all trying to achieve the same goal of starting our careers sooner rather than later."

Alanna said she is hoping to build her skill set.

"After my hairdressing training I would like to expand my industry skills and study a beauty course. I think having both hairdressing and beauty experience will be good for my career."

Alanna said TAFE at School has opened up a number of doors and she hopes others consider enrolling.

"Do it! Some people are shocked when they know that I'm completing Year 12 at the same time as a school-based apprenticeship, but it's not as hard as it might sound."

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