Troy Belt has loved cricket from a young age. From backyard games to playing on Saturdays or just watching - he loves everything about the gentleman’s sport.

Like many Australian kids, Troy dreamed of one day representing Australia, but a back injury forced him to give the game away at just 15 years old.

“I’ve loved everything about cricket for as long as I can remember and despite not playing, I’ve stayed in the sport as a volunteer coach with the Maroochydore Cricket Club,” explains Troy.

Then, after 10 years working as a chef he saw a billboard for TAFE Queensland’s Sports Academy and discovered he could study professional cricket through the Queensland Cricket Academy and earn a Diploma of Sport (SIS50319) from TAFE Queensland along the way.

“I began researching the program on TAFE Queensland’s website and when I read about the association with Queensland Cricket, the access to professional coaches, trainers and educators and how hands-on the course is I thought to myself ‘I am going to do this!’ I’ve always wanted to work within the sport, but didn’t realise there was a legitimate pathway until I saw that billboard."

"I’ve always been keen to support the cricket community any way I can because better coaches make better cricketers and that will make Australia a better cricketing nation - and this is the small part I’m playing.

The diploma qualification sees students study a tailored program that delivers the skills needed to meet the demands of working in cricket, in partnership with Queensland Cricket Academy.

During their studies, students work with leading coaches, trainers and industry educators and complete 120 hours of cricket-specific vocational placement with Queensland Cricket staff.

“This course is invaluable for the future of cricket in Queensland and gives the state a huge advantage in developing trainers, coaches and administrators. The teachers are so real – they’re coaches themselves and know the true intricacies of people management."

“They convey messages that build trust and show how the theory complements the practical while keeping us focussed and providing clarity. It makes it all relevant,” explains Troy.

“What has surprised me the most is how in-depth the program is. I’ve had my eyes opened to important things I never considered before and I know I’ll go into future coaching roles with a lot more awareness.”

After graduation, Troy hopes to continue coaching school-aged children to nurture their skills and grow their love of the game.

“Essentially, I want to build a career that keeps kids in cricket by becoming the mediator between the kids’ strengths and the sport as a coach or mentor.

“It’s my ‘why’ and it gets me up every morning. Just seeing kids being enthusiastic about playing every Saturday is going to be huge for me,” concludes Troy.

TAFE Queensland Sports Academy is training the next generation of sports development professionals, with courses developed in partnership with leading Queensland sporting organisations. The academy prepares students for a career in sports development and further develops sporting skills.


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