The team at Brisbane Isuzu, Eagle Farm understand the value of apprenticeships. For the past twenty years they have provided countless opportunities for young Queenslanders looking to get their start in the automotive industry.

Recently, the team welcomed 18-year-old heavy diesel apprentice Rik Nand to the team, after he completed work experience through a Certificate II in Automotive Preparation (AUR20716) at TAFE Queensland.

Eagle Farm Isuzu Service Manager, Shaun Cant said that it’s very hard to fill trade qualified positions these days and it’s massively important that young people are coming through our industry.

“Workshops sell labour. Without technicians and apprentices you don’t have a product to sell. When you hire an apprentice you have the ability to train, mentor and watch them develop into technicians and come out the other end,” Shaun said.

“One of the main benefits of the Certificate II in Automotive Preparation is the work experience component and the opportunity for exposure to not only the trade but also our business. It also means that we get exposure to them and that’s essential because this trade is not for everyone.”

“Knowing that Rik had completed the pre-vocational course made all the difference when it came to hiring him. The time he spent completing work experience with us really highlighted that he was invested in our industry.”

Rik, a third generation heavy diesel apprentice, said that his brother, father, uncle and grandfather are all trade-qualified mechanics, so his passion for the industry runs in his blood.

“I worked at my uncle’s workshop growing up and always knew that a career working with cars and trucks was for me. I did some research online and decided that studying the pre-vocational course would be the best way to fine tune my skill set and enhance my chances of securing an apprenticeship,” Rik said.

“To be offered an apprenticeship was really exciting, I’ve already learnt so much.”

The team at Brisbane Isuzu Eagle Farm have all been really impressed by Rik’s work ethic and eagerness to learn.

Shaun Cant said that Rik wants to have a go and that’s all he asks of anybody.

“I’ve got a passion for this industry, I love it. It’s a great industry with good people and Rik already has that passion and he is only a young fella," he said.

“He’s mature beyond his years, has his head screwed on and fits in well with everybody. Rik’s worth his weight in gold already.”



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