If you've never studied with TAFE Queensland before, or new to using online enrolment with us. We've put together some handy answers to the most frequently asked questions to help you navigate the TAFE Queensland student portal and learning management system. 

COVID Safe training micro-credentials

Available to the hospitality and beauty industries, TAFE Queensland have developed training to support workers and businesses as they re-open in a world affected by COVID-19.

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To enrol in a micro-credential simply select your desired course , click the enrol now or learn more button, and follow the prompts.

Some micro-credentials may have pre-requisites for entry such as being a Queensland resident.

In order to successfully complete your online studies you must have access to a device with a reliable internet connection to access TAFE Queensland's learning management system Connect.

To ensure the best experience, we reccomend using a computer with Microsoft Office applications. Connect also works well on a tablet or mobile phone but you may not be able to complete some of the activities that require use of Microsoft Excel and Word.

As the content includes audio, using a headset is recommended but not essential.

Connect supports most web browsers. For more information on browser support for desktop, tablet and mobile support please visit the Connect platform requirements page 

You can complete as many of our micro-credential courses as you like.


Once your enrolment has been processed you will receive an email providing information on how you can gain access to your course on our learning management system called Connect.

If you are a new TAFE Queensland student you will receive an email containing your unique student ID number and instructions to create your own password. You will need to complete this step first.

The time it takes to complete a micro-credential varies from course to course and the delivery mode. Some of our micro-credentials are 100 per cent online and are self directed and typically these will take approximately one to three hours to complete.

You can stop anywhere in the course, bookmark your place and log out at any time. Next time you log in you will be able to pick up your course where you left off. Others are delivered face to face, with an online component or by webinar with scheduled classes over a period of several days or weeks.

All TAFE Queensland students can manage and reset their password via the TAFE Password Manager - Student Password reset.

You can access this anytime using the Password Manager button on the Connect login page or the TAFE Queensland technical support page.



Please contact us directly so we can assist you.

You can continue to access your courses up to one month after each course has been completed. You will have access to Connect for as long as you are enrolled in an active course.


Badge and certificate information

Your badge is a digital record that you will receive after successfully completing your micro-credential course. Badges can be shared to your Badgr Backpack for storage and sharing with the world. You will receive instructions on how your badge will be issued in the student orientation video at the beginning of your course and on completion of the course.

If you are receiving a certificate, this will be generated by Connect in PDF after successfully completing your micro-credential course. You will receive instructions on how to access, download and save your certificate to your device for printing at any time.

No, you can set up your free Badgr Backpack at any time, before or on completion of your first course. Don't forget to use the same email address for setting up your Badgr account as you used for enrolling at TAFE Queensland to ensure Connect can transfer the badges you have been awarded to your Badgr Backpack. You can keep these in sync by updating your Badgr account details anytime you change your TAFE Queensland enrolment email address.

Yes, your Badgr Backpack account is yours to keep and store all the badges you earn from studying with TAFE Queensland or anywhere that offers a badge.

If you did not receive your badge this may be because:

  • You did not access all of the content in the course
  • You did not successfully complete the quizzes or assignments
  • You have not paid your course fee

COVID Safe Training Frequently asked questions

You will find the COVID SAFE Training courses here. Click on register now and follow the instructions provided to register and create your account to get immediate access to your training.

In order to successfully complete your micro-credential you must have access to a device with a reliable internet connection..

To ensure the best experience, we recommend using a computer or laptop, however the micro-credential course also works well on a tablet or mobile phone.

As the content includes audio, using a headset is recommended but not essential.

Most web browsers are supported except early versions of Internet Explorer (IE). For more information on browser support for desktop, tablet and mobile support please visit the platform requirements page.

Once you have registered your interest, you will receive information about how to create and verify an account. From there you will then be able to enrol into your micro-credential and commence learning.

The COVID WORK Safe micro-credential units should take around 30 minutes to complete.

The email address you have used to register for the COVID WORK Safe micro-credentials will be your username. If you have studied with TAFE Queensland before, please ensure you do not use your 9-digit student number as the username to access these modules.

If you have forgotten your password or would like to reset it, simply visit https://training.tafeqld.edu.au and click on ‘Forgot your password?’ underneath the ‘Log In’ button and follow the instructions to reset. You will need to use the email address you used to register.

If you’ve accidentally enrolled into the incorrect module, simply select ‘My Courses’ on the top navigational bar and you will have the option to ‘Unenrol’. You will receive an email confirming this has occurred.

Yes, once you’ve completed your COVID SAFE Work micro-credential you will have continued access to the contents.

Once you have completed all the requirements of your COVID SAFE WORK micro-credential you will receive an email when your certificate of completion is ready. You can then click on the ‘Achievements’ link on the navigation bar to claim. This process can take 1-3 minutes so you may need to log back into the course if you have logged out.

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