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9. Credit Transfer, Articulation and Recognition of Prior Learning

What You Need to Know

Credit Transfer Rules

Credit transfer is a process that provides you with credit for previous formal study that is equivalent to your nominated qualification.

For Vocational Education and Training students, credit transfer may be granted below 100% of a qualification.

For Higher Education students, the maximum credit allowed towards a qualification is:

  • 50% of a qualification that is less than 3 years full-time in duration;
  • 2 years of a qualification that is 3 years full-time in duration; and
  • 2.5 years of a qualification that is 4 years full-time in duration.

Credit transfer applications will only be considered for students with an enrolment in a TAFE Queensland program in which they are seeking credit transfer.

Credit Transfer Applications

To make a credit transfer application you will need to fill out a Credit Transfer Application Form (PDF, 323KB).

You must submit your application prior to the start of study (or relevant census date for FEE-HELP/VET FEE-HELP students).

Along with this form, you should also submit any relevant qualification testamurs, Record of Results, and graduation statements (either copies certified by a Justice of the Peace, or originals for sighting by an appropriate TAFE Queensland staff member).

Credit Transfer Decisions

TAFE Queensland will advise you of the credit transfer decision in writing as soon as possible after your application and all relevant documentation is received.

What You Need to Know

Articulation Rules and Process

Articulation arrangements mean that your education and training with TAFE Queensland automatically counts towards a program with a university.

TAFE Queensland has a large number of articulation arrangements with universities across Australia.

Check with your teacher or student services to see if any articulation arrangements apply to you.

What You Need to Know

Recognition of Prior Learning Rules

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process that provides you with an opportunity to receive credit for the formal and non-formal learning you have undertaken.

The RPL process takes into account all relevant skills, knowledge, and experience that you have. Through the assessment process you may be able to gain a complete qualification or, if you have gaps in your knowledge, parts of a qualification, which you can then complete with additional training.

As part of your RPL assessment you will be advised how much of your qualification can be achieved through RPL.

Recognition of Prior Learning Applications

To make an RPL application you will need to fill out an RPL Application Form (PDF, 548KB), or complete an online enquiry.

You must submit your application prior to the start of study (or relevant census date for FEE-HELP, VET FEE-HELP, and VET Student Loans students).

Along with this, you will also be required to submit an RPL Self-Appraisal Form. Your RPL Assessor will provide this to you and help you complete the form.

Recognition of Prior Learning Decisions

TAFE Queensland will acknowledge receipt of the RPL application/enquiry within 24 hours.

After that, an initial pre-enrolment interview will be conducted by TAFE Queensland within 5 business days of receipt of the application/enquiry, to discuss the evidence required and advise you on your suitability for RPL.

If you are eligible, an RPL Assessor will provide you with an RPL Training and Assessment Plan, which identifies the units/modules in which you need to enrol, and provide you with an RPL Candidate Guide for the relevant qualification.

TAFE Queensland will work to advise you of your eligibility for RPL prior to the start of study where possible, or if not the relevant published census date.

Recognition of Prior Learning Enrolment and Payment

Once you've been advised that you can enrol, you will be able to use the information provided in the RPL Training and Assessment Plan to enrol into the relevant units of competency / modules and pay the relevant fees for your program. At this point you will also submit your completed RPL Candidate Guide.

An RPL Assessor will contact you within 2 business days schedule a Professional Conversation (Assessment Interview). The interview will be scheduled within 10 business days.

Recognition of Prior Learning Assessments

The time taken to complete RPL assessments will depend on the complexity of, and the amount of evidence supplied to support the application.

TAFE Queensland will undertake the RPL assessment within the following timeframes, unless there are extenuating circumstances where evidence cannot be provided or additional assessments cannot be conducted:

  • 1-2 units within 5 business days from the date of the enrolment;
  • 3-5 units within 10 business days from the date of the enrolment;
  • 6-10 units within twenty 20 business days from the date of the enrolment; and
  • 10 or more units within 10 weeks from the date of the enrolment.
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