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Study online

Studying online with TAFE Queensland gives you access to our huge range of nationally-recognised qualifications with the flexibility and freedom to study in a way that suits you.


Why study online with TAFE Queensland

More people complete their online qualifications with TAFE Queensland than with any other online education provider in Australia. We're proud to say that 80 per cent of people who start with us actually finish their online course, that's compared to the national average of just seven per cent.

Study your way

Online learning is perfect for people who work full time, lead busy lives, or would rather study when it suits them. Studying online also lets you have more control of your learning by allowing you to better manage your workload and set your own timetable than traditional study.

Dedicated support team

Our secret is in our student support. Our e-learning environment keeps you connected and engaged with your teachers throughout the online learning experience. We also have a dedicated student support team committed to helping you get the most out of your student experience, from enrolment through to graduation.

Fast track your career 

It's never been more important to keep your skills up to date, but a lengthy degree isn't always the best answer. That's where online diplomas come in. They offer great flexibility, affordability and efficiency for busy professionals. And you can be ready to start, switch or boost your career in as little as 12 months.

Online study options

We have a number of different online delivery mode options for our courses. 

Our online self-directed courses are designed for students who want the flexibility to study at their own pace and prefer not to be locked into attending classes at specified times.

You will access learning materials through Connect, our learning management system, and will complete your study at your own pace. Throughout the course you may have opportunities to interact with teachers and other students through web conference programs (like Zoom).

While there are no scheduled classes, there will be specific dates for your assessments and examinations to be completed within.

Your course will be delivered online, but to a scheduled timetable. You will interact with your teachers and other students using live video or web conference programs, and you will access learning materials through our learning management system, Connect.  Your teacher may use technology to do online demonstrations using specialised equipment and facilities. Your assessments and examination will be completed mainly online.

There is no requirement to come into campus with, but you can to access services like libraries or computers. If required, you may need to attend a vocational placement, and a teacher might attend to observe and assess.

Your course is primarily online, however you will need to come into a campus to undertake face-to-face learning and/or assessment. You will interact with your teachers and other students using live video or web conference programs, and will access learning materials through our learning management system, Connect. Any face-to-face components will be teacher-led or organised and will enable you to connect with other students in one of our learning spaces. Assessment for this mode may be through online or face-to-face assessments and examination. If required, you may need to attend a vocational placement, and a teacher might attend to observe and assess.

FAQs about online self-paced courses

When you study an online self-paced course with TAFE Queensland we recommend that you enrol in one or two units at a time. You will then have a period of 12 weeks in which to complete the units. This is to ensure you can balance your studies with your other work and family commitments. If you have adequate reasons why you would like to complete more than two units at a time you may be able to do so with your teacher's recommendation.

Some courses offer their units in clusters of up to four units. Units are clustered into topics or study areas allowing you to complete all units and assessments in the topic at the same time. You can see if your course offers individual units or clusters by reviewing the units tab on the relevant course page.

There are no set hours of study when you study an online self-paced course with TAFE Queensland. But to give you an idea of how much time you'll need to allocate to your studies we recommend that you allow between 10-20 hours per week, depending on your level of study.

As a student doing an online self-paced course you'll have access to a range of online resources through Connect — your online study platform. Through Connect you can access your units, study resources, and interact with your teachers and classmates. You'll study using a variety of learning methods including video clips, research projects, and our live webinar platform: online rooms.

Your knowledge and understanding will be assessed regularly throughout your online studies using a variety of different methods. Assessment methods vary between courses and may include assignments, online quizzes, exams or video assessments. Courses that include vocational placements may also require you to submit logbooks, portfolios of evidence, or third party reports from your employer.

Just because you're studying online doesn't mean you have to study alone. You can contact your teachers from Monday to Friday via phone and email. Generally teachers will respond to any questions you may have within 24-48 hours. You will find the contact details of all your teachers in Connect. Your teachers will also use Connect to post news items, additional study resources, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Upcoming start dates

Our online self-paced courses have multiple intakes every year so you can get started whenever it suits you. Our study periods are 12 weeks long so they can easily fit in with your busy lifestyle.


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Australian Virtual Business College

At a time when workplaces are rapidly changing, and digital technologies are fast becoming essential tools to survive and operate a successful business, why not kick-start your career in business through TAFE Queensland’s new state wide online virtual classroom initiative the Australian Virtual Business College.

Payment options

Subsidies, loans and payment plans

Online students have access to the same payment methods as on-campus students. There are a range of independent and government subsidies available that can reduce the cost of your course. You may also be able to apply for a VET Student Loan or TAFE Queensland payment plan to help you pay your course fees.

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Pay as you go

The good thing about studying online is that instead of paying your full course fees upfront, you only need to pay for the units you're enrolled in. So instead of paying for the entire 28 units it takes to complete a diploma in one go, you will only need to pay for the one or two units you're enrolled in. If you choose to switch courses or decide to stop studying you don't need to pay for the rest of the course, only the units you've already commenced or completed.

Are you suited to studying online?

Studying online offers great flexibility, but it also requires adequate time, resources and support. Take our quiz to see if studying online is the right study option for you.

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