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Get your apprentice ready for business

Great businesses need great people, so choose quality training and partner with TAFE Queensland. With a 92 per cent employer satisfaction, TAFE Queensland puts 25,000 apprentices through their paces every year. Tell your Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) Provider you want your apprentice trained and ready for business with TAFE Queensland.

Why choose TAFE Queensland

With more than 140 years of quality training experience and close to a 92 per cent employer satisfaction, you can trust TAFE Queensland to equip your apprentice or trainee with the skills you need to get ready for business.

TAFE Queensland is the largest training provider for apprentices and trainees in the state, putting 25,000 apprentices through their paces every year. We offer pre-apprenticeship, apprenticeship, traineeship and post-trade training qualifications across a wide range of study areas.

With flexible training options, purpose-built facilities and industry-experienced teachers, you can rest assured that you and your staff are in good hands.

Make the switch to TAFE Queensland in 3 steps

If you and your apprentice would like to change your supervising registered training organisation (SRTO) to TAFE Queensland, follow these simple steps: 

  1. Make sure you both have a discussion and agree to the change—will you both be happy with the new arrangement?
  2. Complete the change of supervising registered training organisation (SRTO) form, and send to us:
  3. That’s it - we will lodge your paperwork with the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training (DESBT) and will be in touch to arrange your training.

TIP: Changing more than one apprentice or trainee? You need to complete sections 1 and 3 on the change of SRTO form, and submit a list of apprentices. Here’s a template. Once completed, email both to us

The apprenticeship process — who does what?

  1. Selects an apprentice.
  2. Chooses their preferred Apprenticeship Network Provider (ANP), and chooses a Supervising Registered Training Organisation (SRTO).
  3. Pays the apprentice a wage while they're training.
  4. Delivers on-the-job training as negotiated in the training plan.
  1. Develops the training plan with the employer and apprentice.
  2. Provides facilities, supervision, and training services required under the training plan.
  3. Arranges additional learning support as required.
  4. Issues the qualification upon successful completion.
  1. Provides advice on training options.
  2. Conducts employer and apprentice inductions, detailing rights and obligations under each training contract.
  3. Assists with completing and lodging training contracts.
  4. Provides information about the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives program.

How to get ready for business

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Choose a course

TAFE Queensland offers pre-apprenticeship, apprenticeship, traineeship and post-trade training programs across a wide range of study areas. 

Find an Apprentice icon

Find an apprentice

To find the apprentice or trainee that's right for your business you can use TAFE Queensland's Find an Apprentice service to connect you with job-ready candidates. 

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Sign up

Once you've found your preferred candidate, get in touch with your preferred Apprenticeship Network Provider (ANP) to start the sign-up process.

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Choose TAFE Queensland

During the sign-up process, let your ANP know you want to choose TAFE Queensland as your supervising registered training provider (SRTO).

Find Your Apprentice

Whether you already have an apprentice on the books or need help finding one, we can help. Our free Find Your Apprentice service can help connect you with job-ready candidates in your industry.*

TAFE Queensland can also provide your apprentice with quality, hands-on trade training and help get them ready for your business.

*Available for select courses/locations only

Funding options

Free apprenticeships for under 25s

The Queensland Government is supporting young Queenslanders up to the age of 25 by providing access to fully subsidised training across a range of priority apprenticeship and traineeship qualifications.

Flexible training options

TAFE Queensland offers a variety of training options to suit you and your business.

Contact us to discuss your unique training needs and find out how we can tailor our training to best suit your business.

Students are trained and assessed by our workplace training officers in their own workplace.

Students can drop in to a TAFE facility at any time to train with a teacher without needing to schedule it in advance.

Training is delivered in study blocks of one to six weeks at one of our state-of-the-art training facilities.

We bring the tools and equipment to you in our mobile training van.

Training is scheduled one day a week at one of TAFE Queensland’s training facilities.

Combine on-campus learning with online elements, some blocks, some day release, or anything in between. 

Specialist training facilities

TAFE Queensland has a range of industry-standard facilities where your apprentice or trainee will learn the tools of the trade. With specialist facilities for automotive, building and construction, electrotechnology, engineering, manufacturing, and rail, you can be confident your staff will receive the highest quality trade training available.

Post-trade training

Post-trade training is a great option for your staff if your business needs to specialise, expand, or gain a specific trade licence. TAFE Queensland offers a range of post-trade short courses, diplomas, and advanced diplomas with flexible training options, payment plans, and subsidies available.

Your complete training provider

TAFE Queensland offers more than just apprenticeship and traineeship training. Partner with us for all your business training needs so you can expand your business, diversify your skill set, or upskill your staff.