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1. Introduction and expectations


What You Need to Know

TAFE Queensland provides education and training services to a diverse cohort of students in a wide range of educational settings. It is essential that as a TAFE Queensland student you understand your rights and responsibilities, the rules and expectations governing your behaviour and your safety, and the standards for academic and research integrity.

As an enrolled student, you assume these rights and responsibilities upon admission. In matters that are not specifically covered by the TAFE Queensland Student Rules and Policies, you must observe the principles outlined here to ensure the dignity of each person, respect for others and their property, and academic excellence are upheld.

The TAFE Queensland Student Rules and Policies applies to all students, including:

  • All domestic and international students enrolled in Vocational Education and Training, Higher Education, Senior Studies, and non-accredited education and training, including students undertaking their training and/or assessment with another organisation on behalf of TAFE Queensland;
  • At any location where approved training and/or assessment occurs, including on-campus, online, specific approved sites, off-campus (such as work experience, vocational placement, professional practice, live work sites, and off campus activities or events), or in close proximity to TAFE Queensland campuses; and
  • In any other way deemed to seriously impact the interests or reputation of TAFE Queensland.

Any breach of the TAFE Queensland Student Rules and Policies will be subject to a TAFE Queensland disciplinary process, and may also be unlawful behaviour under Queensland or Australian law, and result in further action being taken.


What You Need to Know

The TAFE Queensland Student Rules and Policies outline the expectations for students, and also the obligations of TAFE Queensland to its students.

As a TAFE Queensland student you have a responsibility to:

  • Provide all documentation/undertake actions required at time of enrolment;
  • Treat others with courtesy, respect and fairness;
  • Respect the safety, well-being and property of others;
  • Refrain from behaviour that may be perceived as unsafe, intimidating, discriminating, harassing, bullying or disruptive to others;
  • Respect TAFE Queensland resources and facilities;
  • Use computing and electronic resources appropriately;
  • Participate actively and positively in learning and assessment activities;
  • Make every effort to meet assessment requirements and submit work on time;
  • Meet the requirements for academic progression and completion for your program of study;
  • Disclose relevant information to enable TAFE Queensland to assist you to undertake study;
  • Proactively seek assistance from support services when needed.

As a TAFE Queensland student you can expect to:

  • Be provided with accurate information about your program and the requirements for enrolment;
  • Be treated with courtesy, respect and fairness regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexuality or disability;
  • Experience a safe learning environment where hazards are identified and controlled as far as is reasonably practicable;
  • Be provided with the resources to complete your education and training;
  • Have personal information treated confidentially, protected against unauthorised access, and provided to third parties only when permitted or required by law;
  • Be assessed fairly and judged on the criteria outlined in program information;
  • Be provided timely and constructive feedback about the outcome of assessment and progress of study;
  • Have complaints and appeals considered promptly and objectively; and
  • Have reasonable access to support services.