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Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement

The Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) is a Commonwealth initiative that was introduced in 2011 to facilitate national and international recognition of Australian qualifications, and to promote international mobility and professional recognition of graduates. It is the Australian equivalent of the European Diploma Supplement.

The AHEGS is additional to other documentation such as degree certificates and academic transcripts, and is based on nationally agreed specifications approved by the Government.

The AHEGS describes a higher education qualification in an easily understandable way, relating it to the system within which it was issued and describing qualifications in a clear and consistent way to potential employers and other higher education institutions.

A complimentary AHEGS is issued to all TAFE Queensland students.

What will be included in the AHEGS?

The Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) presents a graduate's qualification in a clear and coherent way to potential employers and other higher education institutions.

It comprises of five sections:

  • section 1 - the graduate
  • section 2 - the award
  • section 3 - awarding institution
  • section 4 - graduate's academic achievements
  • section 5 - description of the Australian higher education system.

It also describes details including:

  • general admission requirements for the degree
  • grading scale information
  • course codes, course titles and grades including any Fail grades
  • credit and an explanation of the credit granted (where possible)
  • special achievements, recognition and awards 
  • work placements (where they are an important feature of the award).

The AHEGS also includes a Grade Point Average (GPA) including details explaining how it was calculated.


Replacement and re-issue

All TAFE Queensland Higher Education students who are conferred will receive a complimentary copy of their AHEGS at graduation. You can request replacement copies of your AHEGS after your graduation ceremony. An administrative charge is payable.

AHEGS will not be issued retrospectively for degrees awarded prior to 2012.

AHEGS errors

If you find that there is an error on your statement, such as a misprint or missing information, you will need to complete the AHEGS correction/request form. You will be required to return your original statement before a replacement will be issued.

Please contact your local TAFE Queensland campus to obtain a copy of the form.

Difference between the AHEGS and an academic transcript

The academic transcript shows a student's complete academic record (including all courses and subjects they have undertaken at TAFE Queensland) and is available at any time. As a student progresses, the academic transcript is updated.

The AHEGS is only issued once a student has graduated. Graduates receive a separate AHEGS for each degree they have conferred (conferral is what happens at graduation). Unlike the academic transcript, the AHEGS includes a short explanation about the qualification and the Australian higher education system.

Further information

You can find out more about the AHEGS on the Commonwealth Government’s Education Department website.