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TAFE Queensland carries the training load

Regional mini loader manufacturer Dingo Australia has TAFE Queensland in its pack


  • TAFE Queensland has been Dingo Australia’s preferred Registered Training Organisation since 2016
  • TAFE Queensland provides training for Dingo Australia’s boiler making, fitting and turning, and business administration apprentices and trainees
  • To this date, three Dingo Australia apprentices have completed their training with TAFE Queensland, three are mid-way through (as is one trainee), and seven staff are about to commence their Certificate II in Engineering (MEM20205) which has been fully customised by TAFE Queensland to be specific to Dingo Australia’s needs. Given Dingo Australia has 37 staff in total, this is a significant proportion of employees engaged in training with TAFE Queensland.

Dingo Australia

Dingo Australia is one of the largest Australian-owned, Australian-made, regional innovative design and manufacturing businesses. In operation for thirty years, it produces a range of Dingo Mini Diggers and attachments used by landscapers, tradespeople and home renovators alike.


Prior to 2016 Dingo Australia had engaged an alternative RTO, however they did not meet the needs of its apprentices and trainees with regards to content currency and delivery style.


TAFE Queensland approached Dingo Australia and presented delivery options and skilled trainers. TAFE Queensland teachers worked closely with Dingo Australia and now deliver on-the-job training, monitoring, and assessment, resulting in minimal disruption to Dingo Australia’s workplace and workforce.

Qualification skills unable to be practised within Dingo Australia’s workplace are delivered at TAFE Queensland in Dalby – Dingo Australia’s local campus. Positively, this allows for the sharing of skills with other local apprentices and trainees.


“TAFE Queensland keeps up-to-date with industry requirements and provides supportive, informative and valuable training to our apprentices and trainees. Knowing when to provide further support via on-campus delivery, combined with on-the-job learnings has proven to be a very effective manner to deliver training to our apprentices and trainees.

“The support network within TAFE Queensland through the administration staff has always been reliable and prompt. Administration staff provide assistance with chasing up various enquiries and questions that come up from time-to-time.

“In summary, our experience with TAFE Queensland over the past five years has been nothing but positive. We would recommend TAFE Queensland as a preferred RTO for trainees and apprentices to other businesses,” said Angela Paterson, Dingo Australia’s Operations Manager.

Future plans

“As our business expands and grows, the opportunity to employ further trainees and apprentices will be considered. TAFE Queensland will be the chosen RTO for any new employees engaged in our business, whether this is through an apprenticeship, traineeship or other training,” offered Angela Paterson, Dingo Australia’s Operations Manager.

How we can help your business

TAFE Queensland can help upskill your workforce and take advantage of funding opportunities