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Training needs analysis

In any competitive business environment you need a return on investment for every dollar spent on training. Interestingly, organisations report that training programs implemented after a training needs analysis can generate returns more than four times the initial cost of the program.

Also known as a 'learning needs analysis' or 'skills gap analysis', a training needs analysis is the process by which we identify the competencies and skills required by the individuals in your organisation to help you achieve your business goals. Training needs analysis is a powerful tool that can help you prepare for economic, legislative or industry changes.  

We can work with you to identify where your business is currently, where you want it to be, and the training that will help you achieve your strategic goals.

What’s in a training needs analysis?

A training needs analysis depending on the employer, but here’s a bit of a summary of what you can expect. 

Inputs for a training needs analysis include:

  • Your strategic documents or business plans
  • Industry data sets 
  • Competitor activity
  • Current laws and regulations
  • Secondary research in your industry or of your industry

Workforce and the skills data of your individuals will also be important, and we may suggest:

  • A competency identification survey
  • A review of position descriptions
  • Workplace observation
  • Focus groups and interviews
  • A review on file employee data and performance development plans

Evidence-based skills decisions

To help you move your skills development discussion forward, we will provide you with a report and recommendations. 

Case studies

"Through analysis and planning the team at TAFE Queensland were able to understand the training strategy we wanted to implement, along with the logistics of successfully delivering customised training onsite in our workplace, and we look forward to working with them again."

"Our workforce is spread over 13000 square kilometres, there was considerable variability in the literacy and numeracy levels of program participants, and our organisation structure was decentralised making coordination difficult. Despite this, TAFE Queensland was able to understand our needs and provide a face-to-face personalised approach which resulted in high completion rates."

"Port of Townsville Limited chose TAFE Queensland to deliver internal leadership training because of their experience and capacity to understand what we were envisioning. The trainers adapted their teaching program to suit our work environment and they were very willing to provide flexible learning options, to suit operational requirements and individual learning needs."

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