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Business mentors

Our small business mentoring program offers short, sharp, focused blocks of dedicated time and support. You can access the program as often or infrequently as you need. Our mentors will work with your schedule.

Meet our mentors

Margaret Aspin

Business Skills Mentor: Brisbane

Margaret is a business owner and a director of two IT start-up companies. She is passionate about working with new or established businesses as they plan, grow and develop themselves and their staff. Margaret also has a special interest in assisting small businesses secure funding for innovation and growth.

Ramona Bullard

Business Skills Mentor: South East Queensland

Ramona has supported 500+ businesses to plan strategically and scale successfully through talent acquisition and empowering teams. An experienced company director, educator, and business advisor, spanning 20 years across a wide range of sectors.

Helen Cowley

Business Skills Mentor: Brisbane, Ipswich, and Darling Downs

Helen is a qualified and experienced business management coach with diverse industry exposure, who fosters growth from small to sustainable enterprises, boosting turnover. Helen's drive lies in sharing practical wisdom, encouragement, and hands-on support, aiding in idea’s development, successful strategy creation, and providing ongoing guidance.

Tony Curl

Business Skills Mentor: Brisbane

Tony Curl has more than 30 years of experience in operational leadership and change management. He is passionate about supporting small business, and his corporate experiences provide valuable insights. Tony specialises in building high-performing teams by creating greater engagement among employees.

Danielle Duncan

Business Skills Mentor: Brisbane

With 15+ years of experience aiding small to medium business leaders, impacting over 500 businesses, Dani is a highly-regarded business mentor. As the lead educational designer of various business educational coaching programs, she offers strategic, actionable coaching. Advocating a holistic approach, her methods are backed by cutting-edge psychology and neuroscience.

Peter Ellis

Peter is passionate in supporting businesses of all sizes. He assists all aspects of business management and development, providing mentoring and support to assist owners and managers to organise the structure and management of a business, enabling it to be more organised, effective, and profitable.

Angie Hammond Business Mentor

Angie Hammond

Business Skills Mentor

Angie has 17 years of experience running her own marketing and business consultancy which supports manufacturing and industrial based businesses. As a qualified company director and certified chair Angie has the capabilities to look under the hood of a small business and mentor the owners to achieve scalable growth. 

Helen Hutcheson

As a Small Business Mentor Helen provides support and advice specific to your business’ day to day needs, including development and achieving your business goals.  Helen will guide you through business questions and dilemmas and provide you with the tools needed to maximise your business potential and minimise your stress levels.  

Alice Langford

Business Skills Mentor: Brisbane

Alice's expertise spans across a diverse range of industries, including retail, e-commerce, creative, manufacturing, service, construction, and psychology.  She offers practical advice to maximise your business including how/where to find useful information, identifying/ dealing with difficult issues, structures, governance, strategies and actions.

Clayton Menyweather

Business Skills Mentor: Toowoomba

Before founding his own consulting company in 2017, Clayton held diverse sales and management positions in different Australian industries. His small business ownership experience, combined with his dedication to assisting fellow entrepreneurs, has positively impacted numerous small to medium businesses nationwide. Clayton is deeply committed to enabling business success through every available avenue.

Martin Millane

Business Skills Mentor: Gold Coast

Martin’s expertise and passion is geared towards identifying opportunities, developing strategies and implementing specific tactics for consolidating sustainability and growth in the retail & service industries. Martin also provides mentoring through small business advisory services.

Rudi Tartaglia

Managing Director: Brisbane

Rudi has a wide range of skill sets including both offline and online marketing strategy, brand psychology, project management, six sigma process, and data strategy & automation just to name a few. With over 15 years of consultancy experience, Rudi has worked with well over 500 businesses across a wide selection of industry types and business sizes.

Leanne Wyvill

Business Advisor/Mentor

Leanne is an experienced small business survivor and thriver who helps people communicate with confidence – because even the best business ideas go nowhere without careful planning and meaningful delivery. She has worked with iconic scientific, research, health and education services, plus many start-ups and community organisations.

Efaa (Eva) Hajar

Business Advisor/Mentor

Meet Eva, a seasoned business mentor with 15+ years of global experience in finance, marketing, education, and manufacturing. With a background in business consulting, she offers tailored support to address your day-to-day needs, drawing from her expertise in legal, financial, and marketing strategies. Eva is dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes succeed.

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