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Right to Information


The Right to Information is the Queensland Government's approach to giving the community greater access to information.

The Queensland Government has made a commitment to provide access to information held by the Government, unless on balance it is contrary to the public interest to provide that information.

New legislation replacing the Freedom of Information Act 1992 came into effect on 1 July 2009:

The Right to Information reforms aim to make more information available, provide equal access to information across all sectors of the community, and provide appropriate protection for individuals' privacy.

Visit the Queensland Government Right to Information website to read more about the Right to Information.

Information on accessing information has been provided below.

Before lodging an official application you should check the information already made available by our Publication Scheme or contact TAFE Queensland to find out if the information you want is already available for free or through separate purchase.

TAFE Queensland offers staff and students the ability to access and update the personal information it holds.

Current staff members are able to access their personal information from the Employee Self-Service function in Aurion.

If you wish to see what information has previously been accessed please read the Disclosure log.

Application form

To make an official application to TAFE Queensland you must complete and lodge a copy of the Right to Information (RTI) and Information Privacy (IP) Access Application form. This form also includes details on whether you should apply through the Right to Information (RTI) Act 2009 or the Information Privacy (IP) Act 2009:

Your application must include the details of the information being requested, your contact details (including a mailing address) and proof of identity (if applying for personal information).

How to lodge

TAFE Queensland does not accept online RTI application submissions.

Please make arrangements to send your application to us:
By mail: RTI Officer, Office of TAFE Queensland, TAFE Queensland, PO Box 15033, City East Qld 4002
By email: Scan and send your application to the RTI Officer mailbox

Fees and charges

There is an application fee under the Right to Information Act 2009, and you may also have to pay processing and access charges.

There is no application fee and there are no processing charges under the Information Privacy Act 2009, although you may have to pay access charges.

For further information about fees and charges, see www.rti.qld.gov.au.

Processing an application

When you lodge an application, the Principal Information Officer, TAFE Queensland will assess it and determine if:

  • any further information is required from you
  • any processing charges are applicable.

TAFE Queensland is generally required to make a decision on your application within 25 business days from the date it was received. This period can be extended by 10 business days if another person or department needs to be consulted and by further periods in some circumstances.

If we are unable to identify any information relevant to your application, we will tell you within 25 business days of receiving your application.

When your application has been processed, we will send you a notice setting out our decision and why we have made it.


More information

For more information email the Office of TAFE Queensland rti@tafeqld.edu.au

Last reviewed: 15 July 2016

Last updated: 15 July 2016